Learning Disabilities, Autism and Neurodivergence Bill: consultation

We are committed to protecting, respecting and championing the rights of people with learning disabilities and neurodivergent people. This consultation on proposals for a Learning Disabilities, Autism and Neurodivergence Bill seeks the views of everyone on how we can do this.

Supporting documents

Respondent Information Form
Short Guide
Introduction and Background - Easy Read
Reach of the Bill and Definitions - Easy Read
Mandatory Training in the Public Sector - Easy Read
Inclusive Communications - Easy Read
Data - Easy Read
Independent Advocacy - Easy Read
Health and Wellbeing - Easy Read
Mental Health and Capacity Law - Easy Read
Social Care - Easy Read
Housing and Independent Living - Easy Read
Complex Care - Coming Home - Easy Read
Relationships - Easy Read
Access to Technology - Easy Read
Employment - Easy Read
Social Security - Easy Read
Justice - Easy Read
Restraint and Seclusion - Easy Read
Transport - Easy Read
Education - Easy Read
Accountability - Easy Read
Next Steps - Easy Read
How to Answer - Easy Read
Answer Form part 1 - About Me - Easy Read
Answer Form part 2 - Questions - Easy Read
Children and Young peoples booklet
Adult Guide
Facilitator's Pack
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