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  1. Conviction rate data for cases of rape and attempted rape

    A short occasional paper containing information relating to the conviction rate for cases of rape and attempted rape in Scotland.

    Part of:
    Crime and justice statistics
  2. Council Tax Reduction: local authority tables and charts - April 2013 to February 2024

    Figures on the number of Council Tax Reduction (CTR) recipients and the income foregone for all local authorities from April 2013 to February 2024.

    Part of:
    Local government finance statistics
  3. Labour Market Trends: April 2024

    Employment, unemployment and economic inactivity trends, sourced from the Labour Force Survey for Scotland and the UK.

    Part of:
    Labour market statistics
  4. Suicide Bereavement Support Service: final evaluation report

    Final report of the evaluation of the Suicide Bereavement Support Service (SBSS).

  5. Official statistics: forthcoming publications

    A twelve-month calendar of Scottish Government statistical releases in spreadsheet format. The calendar includes Official and National Statistics publications, as well as Management Information publications.

  6. Additional analysis of educational attainment pupils with dyslexia

    Additional analysis of educational attainment statistics for pupils with dyslexia, all pupils with an Additional Support need and pupils with no Additional Support Need.

    Part of:
    School education statistics
  7. Scottish Housing Market Review Q1 2024

    Quarterly bulletin collating a range of previously published statistics on the latest trends in the Scottish housing market.

    Part of:
    Scottish housing market reviews
  8. Additional child poverty analysis 2024

    Additional analysis of child poverty for a range of subgroups of the population published in 2024

    Part of:
    Child poverty analysis
    Poverty and income inequality statistics
  9. Additional poverty analysis 2023

    Additional analysis of the cost of living.

    Part of:
    Poverty and income inequality statistics
  10. Scottish economic bulletin: April 2024

    Provides a summary of latest key economic statistics, forecasts and analysis on the Scottish economy.

    Part of:
    Economic briefs and bulletins
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