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  1. Winter Heating Payment statistics: winter 2022-2023

    This is the first publication of Winter Heating Payment statistics. It covers payments made to 30 April 2023. It includes analysis of payments by client age, local authority, qualifying benefit, application method and month. It also includes breakdown of applications by outcome and month, channel and processing times.

    Part of:
    Social Security Scotland statistics: publications
  2. Official statistics: forthcoming publications

    A twelve-month calendar of Scottish Government statistical releases in spreadsheet format. The calendar includes Official and National Statistics publications, as well as Management Information publications.

  3. Scottish Prison Population Projections

    This report presents the first projections to be published since the C-19 pandemic began.These projections have been produced using ‘microsimulation’ scenario modelling which simulates prison arrivals and departures and estimates the number of individuals in prison on a particular date in the future

  4. Early learning and childcare funding: pilot evaluation report

    Evaluation report for the deferral pilots 2021 to 2022 to inform the national roll-out of the additional year of early learning and childcare funding to eligible children who defer entry to Primary 1 from August 2023.

  5. Non-domestic rates - tax incremental financing

    Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) is a means of funding public sector investment infrastructure judged to be necessary to unlock regeneration in an area, and which may otherwise be unaffordable to local authorities.

    Part of:
    Local government finance statistics: information for data suppliers
  6. National discussion on education: consultation analysis

    This report outlines the key findings from the ‘listening phase’ of the National Discussion on Scottish Education which took place between September and December 2022.

  7. Domestic Homicide Reviews: evidence briefing

    This evidence briefing compares the Domestic Homicide Review model of 17 international jurisdictions. It aims to inform the initial stage of thinking around the development of a Domestic Homicide Review model for Scotland

  8. GDP Monthly Estimate: March 2023

    Gross Domestic Product (GDP) statistics measure changes in the output of the economy. This is an experimental statistics publication for Scotland.

    Part of:
    Economy statistics
  9. GDP first quarterly estimate 2023 Q1 (January to March)

    Gross Domestic Product (GDP) statistics measure the output of the economy in Scotland. The GDP first quarterly estimate is a national statistics publication for Scotland.

    Part of:
    Economy statistics
  10. Labour Market Statistics for Scotland by Disability: January to December 2022

    Information about disability in the labour market from the Annual Population Survey January to December 2022.

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