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  1. United Kingdom and Norway - fisheries consultations: agreed record for 2023

    Agreed records of fisheries consultations between the United Kingdom and Norway for 2023.

  2. Fish disease management areas: maps

    Fish disease management area maps including: North West of Scotland, Orkney, Shetland, South East of Scotland, South West of Scotland, Western Isles, and a list of disease management area codes.

  3. Shared Outcomes Assurance Group minutes and papers: 11 October 2022

    Minutes from the meeting of the Shared Outcomes Assurance Group held on 11 October 2022.

  4. Adults with Incapacity: supporting discharge from hospital

    Advice for health and care services on supporting discharges from hospital for adults with incapacity. Issued in the form of a joint statement with the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland.

  5. National drugs mission funds: guidance

    Information and guidance for the National Drugs Mission Funds to reduce drug related deaths and harms.

  6. Older adults' mental health before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence paper

    Evidence review of older adults’ mental health in Scotland and the access to and delivery of older adults’ mental health services.

  7. Residential Rehabilitation Rapid Capacity Programme 2: guidance

    Guidance on applying for projects to increase residential rehabilitation capacity.

  8. Acute Oncology Service (AOS) in NHS Scotland: principles

    Lays out the agreed key principles that underpin an effective Acute Oncology Service (AOS) in NHS Scotland and outlines the clinical standards and proposed outcome measures against which services can be developed and monitored.

  9. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Covid Recovery Strategy Programme Board minutes: 7 September 2022

    Minutes from the meeting of the group on 7 September 2022.

  10. Infant Mental Health Implementation and Advisory Group minutes: 3 August 2022

    Minutes from the meeting of the group on 3 August 2022.

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