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  1. Strategic environmental assessment: pre-screening register

    Record of pre-screenings submitted to the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) gateway, as required by Section 7(5) of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005.

  2. Personal Independence Payment to April 2024

    This publication provides information on recipients of Personal Independence Payment in Scotland at April 2024. Personal Independence Payment is replacing Disability Living Allowance for eligible working age people aged 16 to 64.

  3. Adult Disability Payment: high level statistics to 30 April 2024

    This publication provides information on applications and payments for Adult Disability Payment from 21 March 2022 to 30 April 2024.

  4. Non-domestic rates - tax incremental financing

    Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) is a means of funding public sector investment infrastructure judged to be necessary to unlock regeneration in an area, and which may otherwise be unaffordable to local authorities.

    Part of:
    Local government finance statistics: information for data suppliers
  5. Planning permission appeals: housing development statistics

    Planning permission appeal statistics for housing developments involving 10 or more houses since January 2015.

  6. Primary care improvement plans: implementation progress summary - March 2024

    Summary of the current progress towards implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Scottish Government, the SGPC, Integration Authorities and NHS Boards.

    Part of:
    Primary care improvement plans: implementation progress reports
  7. School Leaver Follow-up Destinations - Data Sources and Methodology

    Information on the data sources and methodology used in the production of school leaver follow-up destinations.

  8. Summary statistics for Follow- Up Leaver Destinations, No. 6: 2024 Edition

    This statistical publication provides information on the follow-up destinations, nine months after the end of the school year, of 2022-23 school leavers from publicly funded secondary schools in Scotland.

    Part of:
    School education statistics
  9. Wind turbine appeal decisions: statistics

    Weekly statistics for wind turbine appeal decisions.

  10. Housing to 2040 Strategic Board minutes: February 2024

    Minutes from meeting of the group on 08/02/2024

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