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  1. Gender identity healthcare

    Improving gender identity healthcare for children and young people.

  2. £30 million paid this year to help households with higher energy bills

    Number of winter payments passes 400,000 mark    

  3. Supporting vulnerable witnesses

    Investment in specialist evidence suites to reduce trauma.

  4. Ban on wet wipes containing plastic

    Protecting the environment and reducing marine litter

  5. Driving digital connectivity

    Broadband connection milestone reached.

  6. Powers secured to introduce building safety levy

    Parliament to consider tax to raise more funding to fix unsafe cladding.

  7. Funding to support refugee integration

    Ensuring access to information and advice.

  8. Using genetics to improve health outcomes

    Scotland’s first genomic medicine strategy will focus on cancer and rare conditions.

  9. Publication of Wildlife Crime in Scotland 2022

    An Accredited Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  10. Stepping up action to net zero

    New package of climate action measures announced.

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