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  1. Post Office/Horizon Cases Update

    Decision from the High Court of Justiciary.

  2. Agriculture and Rural Communities Bill

    Landmark legislation to support sustainable farming.

  3. Delivering a fair and secure net zero energy system

    Plan to secure a just transition to be published next year.

  4. Call for urgent four nations summit on climate change

    Scottish and Welsh Ministers press UK Government on new partnership.

  5. Patient Safety Commissioner Bill passed

    Legislation to champion patient voice unanimously backed.

  6. A Warm Scots Future for Ukrainians

    Next steps to help displaced people rebuild their lives.

  7. Independent Review of Social Care Scrutiny

    Recommendations for improving care regulation published.

  8. Monthly GDP Estimates for July

    An experimental statistics publication for Scotland.

  9. Victim Surcharge Fund opens

    More help for victims as criminals pay towards costs.

  10. More than 38,000 automatic payments help families with the costs of early learning and starting school

    Simpler social security system saves families time.

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