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The Scottish Government encourages users to establish links to the site. You don't have to ask for permission to do this.

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Images and photographs on this site are subject to Crown copyright protection unless otherwise indicated. You may re-use Crown copyright images subject to the conditions stated above. Images and videos on the Scottish Government's Flickr site and Scottish Government's You Tube channel are subject to the licence restrictions shown on those sites, but are normally available to be re-used with attribution for non-commercial purposes only.

Further information

For further information on Crown copyright policy and licensing arrangements, see the National Archives guidance.


The Scottish Government publishes over 1,000 items each year. Decisions on what is published and publication design is devolved to the departments. Current corporate policy is for all of the publications to be available on the Scottish Government website. Many of them are web-based only but some are also available as paper publications from BookSource (see below).

Please note: Scottish Government publications are no longer available from Blackwell's Bookshop.

Finding a publication

All publications are available in both HTML and PDF formats. On the website publications are listed under Publications and Consultations. The Publications archive allows searching by date, subject, topic and keyword.

The consultations are searchable by Current and Closed consultations. Details of Scottish Government publications are also available on UK-wide official publications listings such as UKOP.

Bibliographic control

Bibliographic details for publications, including ISBNs, can be obtained from both print and PDF versions of the publication. Current corporate policy is for an ISBN to be allocated to all publications whether available in printed or web-only format.

HTML versions of publications may differ from print/PDF versions for example in exclusion of graphics/tables etc. References made using the HTML version should ensure that HTML referencing guidance is followed to minimise confusion.

Where possible HTML versions will contain references to the ISBN of the print/PDF version to ensure the relationship is clear.

Coverage of the publication listings

The website publication pages and related listings do not include Bills, Acts, Statutory Instruments or papers presented to the Scottish Parliament by the Scottish Government other than those prepared by the Scottish Government. This material is available either through the Scottish Parliament website or

Publications from Scottish Government or other related, but external, bodies may not be available on the website.

Publications are available from BookSource

Publications, for both individuals and trade are available from BookSource. APS Group is responsible for selling and distributing Scottish Government publications and makes them available to the public via BookSource:

50 Cambuslang Road
Cambuslang Investment Park
Glasgow G32 8NB
Phone: 0845 370 0067
Fax: 0845 370 0068

Postage is payable on all Scottish Government publications distributed by Booksource. You can see the price list here. The public library discount is available on all priced publications published by the Scottish Government.

Loan copies

Loan copies of publications may be available from your organisation's library service or your local public library via the National Library of Scotland, the British Library or other co-operative inter-library loan schemes.

Consultation Paper Responses

All consultation papers are available for viewing on the Scottish Government website. When a consultation exercise is completed, consultation responses are also available for viewing on the Scottish Government website.

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