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  1. Research and analysis | 17 Sep 2020

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): At risk groups (slide-pack)

    The Scottish Government has introduced a number of measures to protect groups ‘at risk’ of harmful impacts during the COVID-19 pandemic. This paper presents estimates around the size of these groups together with estimates of a subset of these who are most at risk. It highlights key risk factors across four dimensions – Direct health harms from COVID-19, Non-COVID-19 health harms, or Financial harms and Social harms and, where possible, shows where these risks intersect and inter-relate.

    This publication is part of a collection:  Equality evidence

  2. Research and analysis | 17 Sep 2020

    The impacts of COVID-19 on equality in Scotland

    This paper reviews emerging evidence on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on equality across several key domains: health, economic, education, safety and security, social and wellbeing, housing, digital, and environmental. With Brexit on the horizon, the paper also considers the projected impacts of Brexit on equality and how these interact with COVID-19 impacts.

    This publication is part of a collection:  Equality evidence

  3. Advice and guidance | 16 Sep 2020

    State aid: guidance

    Guidance to help public sector bodies to understand and comply with state aid rules.