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  1. Public attitudes to coronavirus: tracker - data tables

    Workbooks containing survey data on attitudes, knowledge and behaviours directly related to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Part of:
    Public attitudes to coronavirus (COVID-19)
  2. Estimation of sectoral CAP payment 'envelopes' 2019

    This report uses data on the level of past funding provided to individual farm businesses and Standard Output (SO) values to estimate notional payment ‘envelopes’ to different sectors.

  3. Funeral Sector Inspectorate and Funeral Director Licensing Scheme: privacy notice

    Privacy notice for the Funeral Sector Inspectorate and Funeral Director Licensing Scheme.

  4. UNCRC Implementation Embedding in Public Services minutes: 21 March 2022

    Minutes from the meeting of the group on 21 March 2022.

  5. Low Carbon Fund: Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme projects

    Projects supported by the fund from 2021 onwards.

  6. Non-domestic rates - tax incremental financing

    Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) is a means of funding public sector investment infrastructure judged to be necessary to unlock regeneration in an area, and which may otherwise be unaffordable to local authorities.

    Part of:
    Local government finance statistics: information for data suppliers
  7. Ferries debate: Ministerial statement by Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth

    Opening statement by Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth to the ferries debate in the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, on Wednesday 11 May 2022.

  8. Ferguson Marine: key documents - 2015

    Timeline of documents covering our engagement with Ferguson Marine Engineering Limited.

    Part of:
    Ferguson Marine: documents
  9. Scotland Heat Map: organisation contact list

    Organisations that hold a set of the heat map data.

  10. Windrush Lessons Learned Review: letter to UK Government

    Letter from the Minister for Culture, Europe and International Development following the publication of Wendy Williams’ Windrush Lessons Learned Review: progress update.

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