The Civil Service

The civil service helps the government of the day develop and implement its policies as well as deliver public services. Civil servants are accountable to ministers, who in turn are accountable to Parliament.

The Permanent Secretary is the senior civil servant in Scotland and leads the 5000 plus people working for the Scottish Government.

The government is structured into a number of directorates and their related public bodies. Directorates and agencies are managed by six directors-general.

Permanent Secretary and directors-general

Directors-general and the directorates they govern are responsible for progressing the Scottish Government's five strategic objectives: making Scotland wealthier and fairer, healthier, safer and stronger, smarter and greener.

Non-executive directors

Non-executive directors (NXDs) support the Permanent Secretary, directors-general and other senior managers in the leadership of the Scottish Government.

  • Linda McKay MBE

    Non-executive director

  • Janet Hamblin

    Non-executive director

  • Ronnie Hinds

    Non-executive director

  • Annie Gunner Logan

    Non-executive director

  • Hugh McKay

    Non-executive director