Social Security Experience Panels: publications

Collection of publications relating to the Social Security Experience Panels which are helping to design a social security system for Scotland.


The Scottish Government is becoming responsible for some of the benefits currently delivered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

As part of work to prepare for this change, we set up the Social Security Experience Panels with people who have experience of one or more of the relevant benefits. More than 2,400 people registered as panel members when we launched in 2017. 

We are working with Experience Panel members to create Scotland’s new social security system.

Annual reports

Annual progress report summarising the work carried out by the Experience Panels.

Experience Panels: recruitment and members

Newsletters, reports and information about panel membership and recruitment.

Social Security Scotland agency

Panel feedback and reports helping to shape and continually improve Social Security Scotland’s services.

Social Security Charter

Reports and information regarding the creation and development of the Social Security Charter.

Applications and support

Panel views and information about the application process for Social Security Scotland.

Appointments and local delivery

Panel views on appointments and the local delivery of Social Security Scotland services.

Best Start Grant

Findings from Best Start Grant Alpha research involving Experience Panel members and other user groups.

Disability benefits

Reports and Panel views helping to shape and improve disability benefits. 

Funeral Expense Assistance

Research conducted with the experience panel members and other user groups on Funeral Expense Assistance.

Keeping clients and staff safe

Panel survey results helping design the processes for keeping Social Security Scotland staff and clients safe.


Report outlining the Social Security Experience Panels views regarding overpayments.

Payments for carers

Research conducted with the experience panel members and other user groups on payments for carers.

Young Carer Grant

Findings from the research with young carers about the Young Carer Grant.

Universal Credit

Survey on Universal Credit Scottish choices undertaken with Social Security Experience Panel members.

Benefits case transfers

Social Security Experience Panels participants' views about the case transfer process.

Scottish Welfare Fund

Survey results showing Panel members views about their experiences of the Scottish Welfare Fund.

External peer reviews

Review reports for the Social Security Experience Panels.

Experience Panels research plans

Plans detailing the main projects for Social Security Experience Panels research.

Fraud and error

Panel members’ views about how processes for fraud and cases of client error should work.

Change of circumstances

Panel members’ views about how contact around changes of circumstances should work, along with how debt should be repaid.

Cold Spell Heating Assistance and Winter Heating Assistance



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