Social Security Experience Panels: overpayments

This report outlines the Social Security Experience Panels views expressed in a survey about overpayments.


The Scottish Government is becoming responsible for 11 of the benefits currently delivered by the Department for Work and Pensions. As part of the work to prepare for this change, the Scottish Government set up the Social Security Experience Panels. Over 2,400 people across Scotland who have recent experience of claiming at least one of the benefits that will be devolved to Scotland registered as panel members.

The Scottish Government is working with Experience Panel members to design a new social security system that works for the people of Scotland.

In October 2018, the Scottish Government carried out a survey with Experience Panel members to understand their views and experiences of receiving overpayments from government bodies. We asked panel members about how they think Social Security Scotland should contact people who have been overpaid, how overpayments should be repaid and the reasons behind their views.

This report highlights the findings and key themes that have emerged from this work.



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