Social Security Experience Panels: Carers with English as a second language

This visual summary details findings from an Experience Panels’ research event with carers who have English as a second language.


The Scottish Government is now responsible for some of the benefits previously delivered by the UK Government Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). As part of the work to prepare for this change, in 2017 the Scottish Government set up the Social Security Experience Panels.

Members have experience of at least one of the benefits delivered by the DWP that has come to Scotland. Over 2,400 people registered to take part in the Experience Panels when they were launched. As Social Security Scotland is now an established agency and the majority of benefits are live, the Experience Panels will close in April 2024.

We recognise that there are some groups less likely to be represented on the Experience Panels. This visual summary presents the findings from a research event with carers who have English as a second language, who were recruited externally to the Experience Panels through our community partner, Happy to Translate.

This summary continues work to support the development of Carer Support Payment (formerly known as Scottish Carers Assistance), the payment which will replace the DWP-delivered Carer’s Allowance. Previous work on this topic can be found in the Social Security Experience Panels: Scottish Carers Assistance report.



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