Social Security Scotland – insights research programme: overview

An introduction to Social Security Scotland's client and staff insights research programme, with initial findings for the period September to December 2018.

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1. Introduction

Social Security Scotland came into being on 1st September 2018. As part of the new organisation, an insights research programme is being established. A co-design approach has been adopted, to ensure the programme is shaped by people who have lived experiences of benefits. The results from this programme will be used to continuously improve services.

While the research programme is designed over the course of the next year, some work has already begun, with staff being in place for Carer Allowance Supplement and Best Start Grant and these benefits going live. 

To date, this has involved the collection of both routine monitoring and experience information. This summary report introduces the client and staff strands of the insights programme, outlines future research plans, and reports on initial findings for the period September to December 2018. 



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