1. Statistics

    16 Apr 2019

    Education maintenance allowances: 2017 to 2018

    Statistics on Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) recipients and payments made in 2017-2018.

  2. Statistics

    26 Feb 2019

    School leaver attainment and initial destinations: statistics

    Results of the initial leaver destination surveys (S3 to S6) and post-review attainment.

  3. Factsheet

    25 Feb 2019

    STEM teacher education bursary: eligibility criteria

    Details of the eligibility criteria for the STEM teacher education bursary.

  4. Publication

    07 Feb 2019

    STEM strategy for education and training: first annual report

    Overview of progress in the first year of the five year STEM Strategy for Education and Training in Scotland.

  5. Research and analysis

    06 Feb 2019

    Regional Improvement Collaboratives (RICs): interim review

    The overall aim of this review was to explore how RIC establishment had been taken forward in each region.

  6. Publication

    05 Feb 2019

    Disabled students at university: discussion paper

    Independent paper from the Commissioner for Fair Access considers representation, entrant trends, retention and degree outcomes for disabled students by disability group.

  7. Publication

    04 Feb 2019

    Children and young people's voices matter: progress report

    Progress on the actions agreed at the Cabinet meeting with children and young people in March 2018.

  8. Consultation paper

    16 Jan 2019

    Consultation on Job Grant

    We are seeking views on key eligibility criteria and format of the Job Grant, a new benefit which will be delivered by Social Security Scotland to support young people moving back into employment.

  9. Independent report

    15 Nov 2018

    Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) regional groups: formative evaluation

    External evaluation to examine the early operations of four of the most established Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) regional groups. The study was carried out between December 2017 and April 2018.

  10. Independent report

    08 Nov 2018

    LGBTI Inclusive Education Working Group: report to the Scottish Ministers

    Group's recommendations to the Scottish Ministers.

  11. Strategy/plan

    17 Oct 2018

    Enterprise and Skills Board: strategic plan

    This full plan provides clarity around strategic direction to enterprise and skills agencies and a blueprint to Government to turn up the dial on productivity and drive inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

  12. Publication

    21 Sep 2018

    STEM bursary: equality impact assessment 2018

    The EQIA summarises how decision makers balanced the aim of the STEM bursaries against the potential adverse impacts of the policy on groups with protected characteristics.

  13. Strategy/plan

    21 Aug 2018

    Learning together: national action plan on parental involvement, engagement, family learning and learning at home 2018 – 2021

    Sets out a vision for parental involvement and engagement from pre-birth to age 18 and takes account of national and international evidence base and Scottish education system expertise. Provides a national vision but allows for local and community innovation and flexibility.

  14. Corporate report

    29 Jun 2018

    Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board: outline plan

    An outline plan for the Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board which is a precursor to the full plan to be published later in 2018.