Learning for sustainability: action plan 2023 to 2030

Scotland's learning for sustainability action plan 2023 to 2030 "Target 2030: A movement for people, planet and prosperity " aims to build an inspiring movement for change so every 3 to 18 place of education becomes a sustainable learning setting by 2030.

Our vision

"Target 2030" – Sustainable Learning Settings

To build an inspiring movement for change so every 3-18 place of education becomes a Sustainable Learning Setting by 2030.

The call from learners and educators is clear: more needs to be done to ensure ALL learners receive their entitlement to LfS. Children and young people are asking for bold ambition and the necessary action to make change happen.

They fully recognise the importance of climate and social justice, equality and outdoor learning for their future life and work in the 21st century and want these to be a real and meaningful part of their daily learning experiences and their learner journey as a whole.

We need to accelerate the speed of change and educate our learners for the future.

Making LfS a key driver in the future of Scottish education will not only enable us to heed the call to action from learners but will allow us to achieve much more besides.

All of our policy ambitions in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, climate and net zero, biodiversity, circular economy, and economic and social transformation can only be delivered with the commitment of Scotland's people, supported throughout their education.

However, our vision is not only for a better Scotland: it is a vision for a better world. We are part of a global family of nations working to deliver the UN SDGs commitments by 2030. As we seek to drive towards our goal we must look outwards and forwards and work hand-in-hand with other nations - by demonstrating leadership where we can, but also by collaborating and learning from others. This vision and action plan is not just for a few, it is for everyone.

This newly strengthened LfS Action Plan contains a bold new "Target 2030" vision, it contains 5 key themes and 25 actions. It celebrates and builds on Scotland's world-leading approach to sustainability education, but it also recognises and seeks to address the barriers to achieving that vision.

We invite every child and young person, adult learner, educator, parent, leader and decision-maker to be active agents of change within their own communities and contexts, to support and inspire others and to share their progress with us.

We need a coalition of the willing, a movement for change. We need to be innovative and brave. We need to co-create, co-develop and maximise our collective resources and ideas. In short, we need a #TeamScotland approach.

We very much hope you share our vision and will join us in achieving it.

Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills

Learning for Sustainability Leadership Group


Email: learningforsustainability@gov.scot

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