Entrepreneurial Campus: summary

Summary of The Entrepreneurial Campus: The higher education sector as a driving force for the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


This summary provides an abridged introduction to the Scottish Government's paper on 'The Entrepreneurial Campus The Higher Education Sector as a driving force for the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem' (which we will refer to as 'the paper').

The paper was drafted by Ross Tuffee[1] (consultant, investor and technology entrepreneur), and Professor Joe Little[2] (Entrepreneur in Residence, University of Stirling).

The paper sets out a framework by which the Scottish Government, its agencies, Scottish Colleges and Universities and other stakeholders (i.e. institutions, organisations, communities and individuals with an interest) can accelerate the development, and amplify the impact of entrepreneurial campuses across Scotland's network of post-16 educational institutions (i.e. colleges and universities).

This summary necessarily focusses on the high-level structure, framework and actions recommended to deliver entrepreneurial campuses in Scotland. For a full articulation of the arguments in favour of this approach and the detailed evidence of international best practice from which these are derived, we recommend reading the full-length paper.

The approach set out in both papers aligns with the Scottish Government's National Strategy for Economic Transformation[3] (or 'NSET'), which says that the Scottish Government should work together with the entrepreneurial/private sector to deliver "bold new policy programmes of action".


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