Employers encouraged to put ‘Fair Work First’

Support to make workplaces fairer.

A range of measures to support employers to embed fairer working practices have been set out in a new Fair Work Action Plan.

Building on the First Minister’s ‘Fair Work First’ announcement last year, the action plan includes a commitment to a new benchmarking tool to help employers assess their current practices and to provide guidance on how to make their workplaces fairer.

A refreshed Scottish Business Pledge, more clearly aligned to Fair Work principles, has also been launched. In response to feedback from business, the reinvigorated Business Pledge retains payment of the real Living Wage as a core commitment, while offering a more tailored approach to meet individual business needs and includes environmental impact for the first time.

A new learning network, led by a business group that will drive skills and promotion, is also being set up to better support businesses to achieve the Business Pledge.

Other commitments in the Fair Work Action Plan include:

  • Creating a new Fair Work service for small and micro employers so they can access support and guidance from a central point
  • Increasing the number of people employed who are paid the real Living Wage by 25,000 over the next three years
  • Hosting an international Fair Work Summit with the Fair Work Convention to share best practice
  • Embedding Fair Work across Scottish Government portfolios and demonstrating leadership as an employer in adopting Fair Work practices

Business and Fair Work Minister Jamie Hepburn said:

“We are committed to Fair Work because it means more security, decent pay and a greater voice for workers. On top of that it drives innovation and productivity to improve businesses and increase profits.  It’s good for business and good for Scotland.

“There are many employers already championing the dimensions of Fair Work and there is an increasing evidence base demonstrating the benefits to workers and to business. We must build on this and convey a strong business case for Fair Work to employers across Scotland.  

“Scotland has made and will continue to make great strides in Fair Work to underpin its economic success, as well as the wellbeing and prosperity of its people, communities and businesses.

“We may not yet have the constitutional power to make Fair Work a legal requirement, but with this plan and the financial power of government we can try to make it a practical reality for many.”

The Fair Work Action Plan can be viewed via the Economic Action Plan website at https://economicactionplan.mygov.scot/fair-work.


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