National Events Strategy Review: Easy Read version

Easy Read version of consultation to help shape the review of Scotland's National Events Strategy.

Events Strategy Review: Consultation - Easy Read Version


This Easy Read document is about plans for events in Scotland.

We want to know what you think if:

  • you work in events
  • you are thinking about working in events
  • you live where events are held or you attend events

There are some hard words in this document. You will see them in bold.

The first time you see the words you will also get an explanation of them.

Scotland has a long- term strategy for events in Scotland. A strategy is sometimes called a plan.

Events are anything that people go to. They can be free, or you might have to buy tickets for them.

You might also watch events on the television or on laptops or phones.

Events could also be about business.

The plan we have needs to be updated to last until the end of 2035.

People working on this are:

  • The Scottish Government
  • People who work in events
  • Visit Scotland
  • Trade unions
  • Local Authorities

People from those groups met in December 2022. They talked about:

  • Business and economy
  • Fair Work
  • Skilled workforce
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Wellbeing

Economy means all of the money that keeps a country working.

Sustainability means being able to keep something at a certain level.

In this survey these will be called Themed Groups

This survey is for:

  • people who go to events in Scotland
  • people who live where the events are held in Scotland
  • organisations and people who work in events in Scotland

The things we want to know are:

  • What events you think Scotland could hold
  • How easy is it to access events in Scotland
  • How can events work with others and keep having new and better ideas for events
  • How can we use events to show more about Scotland’s cities and regions

Updating the plan will help us to have a clear way to have events in Scotland.

The Themed Groups thought about what success would look like by 2035.

They thought this meant an event sector that:

  • can make money and be sustainable
  • money from events should benefit Scotland
  • it should be a sector people want to work in and treats workers fairly
  • is careful to protect the environment
  • shows Scotland off well across the world
  • supports people and communities to have good physical and mental health

This would mean that in 2035 the events sector in Scotland will be:

  • known around the world as a leader for all sorts of events
  • developing and holding world class events
  • the events will benefit Scotland in social, economic cultural and environmental ways
  • giving people long-term work and paying them well

We will use different things to measure how well the plan is working. These would be:

  • how well known the sector is in the United Kingdom and abroad
  • how the money being made is helping Scotland
  • how strong the sector is and how it is managing to deliver its services
  • what it is like to work in events
  • how the sector is managing to make the environment better
  • how the sector is helping towards the health and wellbeing of people and communities

We want to know if you think these are the right things to do.

We have a set of questions we would like you to answer.

They are on a separate paper.



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