Director of Energy and Climate Change

Kersti Berge



Scottish Government 
Energy and Climate Change Directorate
Atlantic Quay 
150 Broomielaw
G2 8LU


Kersti Berge has been Director of Energy and Climate Change since May 2018.


The Director for Energy and Climate Change is responsible for energy including the energy industries, energy consents and low carbon issues, climate change, the water industry, drinking water quality and consumer issues.


Prior to joining the Scottish Government, Kersti was a director at Ofgem where she held a number of senior roles including on network regulation, consumer and competition issues, and energy security. Kersti was also Head of Ofgem in Scotland with responsibility for liaising with key Scottish stakeholders and managing Ofgem’s office in Glasgow. 

Before joining Ofgem, Kersti was a senior economic advisor at HM Treasury where she was responsible for the UK’s medium term growth forecast and worked on European economic issues. Prior to that she was a lecturer in economics at Oxford University.

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