National Transitions to Adulthood Strategy - statement of intent: engagement summary - easy read

Easy read summary report on analysis of feedback received on the National Transitions to Adulthood Strategy: statement of intent.


In 2021 the Scottish Government promised to write a National Transitions to Adulthood Strategy. This will be a plan to support disabled children and young people as they become adults.

A working group was set up to help make the strategy. It includes parents and carers, people from third sector organisations, local councils, education, employment, health and social care.

This group, along with some groups of young people, produced a document called a statement of intent. This set out some ideas for making transitions better for disabled young people.

The Scottish Government asked people for their views on the statement of intent. We wanted to hear from young people, parents, carers and others involved in transitions.

We spoke to lots of people. There were 151 responses to our online survey. We also held 9 events - 6 events online and 3 events in person.

We asked people 5 questions to find out if they agreed or disagreed with the ideas in our statement of intent.

We also asked people to explain their answers. These answers will help us to make the strategy.

This report sums up what people have told us. It does not include all the answers. These can be found in the full report.

The Scottish Government would like to thank everyone who helped make the statement of intent, attended our events or answered our questions.



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