National Transitions to Adulthood Strategy - statement of intent: engagement summary - easy read

Easy read summary report on analysis of feedback received on the National Transitions to Adulthood Strategy: statement of intent.

Question 1: Is the meaning of ‘transition to adulthood’ the right one for the strategy?

Almost all people agreed with the meaning given to ‘transition to adulthood’. Only a small number of people disagreed.

When asked to explain their answers, some people said that:

The age range in which young people might require support for transitions might be different depending on the individual.

Transitions are an ongoing process, and not just a single event in a young person’s life.

Planning for transitions needs to start early. Planning should include all the people who will support the young person through transitions.

Young people need to be able to access support and services which help them.

Parents and carers play an important part in young people’s transitions. This includes when a young person needs help to make decisions about their life.

For some disabled young people, the rate that their brain develops at may be different from the rest of their body.



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