1. Publication

    05 Mar 2019

    STEM bursary: equality impact assessment 2019

    Second equality impact assessment (EQIA) of STEM bursary summarises how decision makers balanced the aim of the bursary against the potential adverse impacts of the policy on groups with protected characteristics.

  2. Statistics publication

    26 Feb 2019

    School leaver attainment and initial destinations: statistics

    Results of the initial leaver destination surveys (S3 to S6) and post-review attainment.

  3. Factsheet

    25 Feb 2019

    STEM teacher education bursary: eligibility criteria

    Details of the eligibility criteria for the STEM teacher education bursary.

  4. Research publication

    12 Feb 2019

    Primary to secondary school transitions: systematic literature review

    Impact of transitions and the factors that support or hinder a successful transition from primary to secondary school.

  5. Research finding

    12 Feb 2019

    Primary to secondary school transitions: systematic literature review - key findings

    Impact of transitions and the factors that support or hinder a successful transition from primary to secondary school.

  6. Report

    07 Feb 2019

    STEM strategy for education and training: first annual report

    Overview of progress in the first year of the five year STEM Strategy for Education and Training in Scotland.

  7. Research publication

    06 Feb 2019

    Regional Improvement Collaboratives (RICs): interim review

    The overall aim of this review was to explore how RIC establishment had been taken forward in each region.

  8. NEWS

    23 Jan 2019 14:54

    Improving Personal and Social Education

    Consent education to be part of updated teaching resources.

  9. Report

    23 Jan 2019

    Review of Personal and Social Education: preparing Scotland's children and young people for learning, work and life

    Review of personal and social education (PSE), including the role of guidance in schools and school counselling services and the effectiveness of the provision of the universal support entitlement for children and young people in local authority schools.

  10. NEWS

    23 Jan 2019 09:17

    Best Start Grant to help youngsters

    New benefit to be introduced from June.

  11. NEWS

    11 Dec 2018 09:31

    Primary teacher numbers highest since 1980

    447 more teachers in 2018.

  12. Report

    11 Dec 2018

    2019 National Improvement Framework and Improvement Plan

    The framework sets out activity the Scottish Government and partners will take to drive improvement for children and young people.

  13. Report

    11 Dec 2018

    2019 National Improvement Framework and Improvement Plan: summary document

    Five page summary of the 2019 NIF Plan

  14. NEWS

    11 Dec 2018 09:30

    Schools in Scotland and CfE Achievement

    National and Official (Experimental - Data under development) Statistics Publications for Scotland.

  15. Transparency data

    10 Dec 2018

    Teacher vacancies: 2018 statistics

    The table included is a snapshot of advertised vacancies for local authority teaching posts as at September 2018.

  16. Transparency data

    10 Dec 2018

    Initial teacher education: 2018 student teacher intake statistics

    The tables included show indicative information received from universities in October 2018 on intakes to initial teacher education. 

  17. NEWS

    10 Dec 2018 00:01

    More teaching vacancies filled

    Student teacher intake increases three years running.

  18. NEWS

    16 Nov 2018 10:03

    107 new STEM teachers funded by bursary

    Support scheme extended to help more people into teaching.

  19. Report

    14 Nov 2018

    Teaching in a diverse Scotland: increasing and retaining minority ethnic teachers

    This report aims to increase the number of teachers from under-represented groups at all levels in Scottish Schools.

  20. NEWS

    08 Nov 2018 15:28

    LGBTI education

    Scotland will lead the way in inclusive education.

  21. Report

    08 Nov 2018

    LGBTI Inclusive Education Working Group: report to the Scottish Ministers

    Group's recommendations to the Scottish Ministers.

  22. Report

    07 Nov 2018

    Ready to Act: interim report on implementation and recommendations

    Progress made so far on supporting allied health professions children and young people (AHP CYP) community and direction for 2018-2020.

  23. Publication

    06 Nov 2018

    Read, Write, Count: November 2017 campaign evaluation report

    Summary of the Read, Write, Count primary school literacy campaign results against its objectives.

  24. Publication

    01 Nov 2018

    Headteacher Recruitment Working Group: route to headship

    This paper supports the Headteacher Recruitment Working Group's 'Report and next steps' publication.

  25. Report

    01 Nov 2018

    Headteacher Recruitment Working Group: report and next steps

    Considerations of issues relating to the recruitment and retention of headteachers in Scottish schools and recommendations to address the issues.

  26. NEWS

    20 Sep 2018 10:30

    Young STEM leaders to mentor younger peers

    Funding for a young leaders programme announced.

  27. NEWS

    08 Sep 2018 09:45

    Vision for school libraries

    Pupils shape strategy to help improve literacy and boost attainment.

  28. NEWS

    26 Aug 2018 10:30

    Schools for the Future

    Three key milestones met in one week.

  29. NEWS

    25 Jul 2018 18:04

    Call to devolve migration

    Stark figures show impact of Brexit on education workforce.

  30. NEWS

    26 Jun 2018 14:40

    Fast-tracking education reforms

    Landmark agreement reached with councils.

  31. Legislation

    26 Jun 2018

    Education (Scotland) Bill: draft

    A draft Bill containing provisions designed to empower schools, improve collaboration, enhance parental involvement and ensure pupil participation.

  32. Report

    26 Jun 2018

    International Council of Education Advisers: report 2016-2018

    This is the first formal report of the International Council of Education Advisers (ICEA) following the initial two-year period of their appointment.

  33. speech / ministerial statement

    26 Jun 2018

    Scotland's education reform: update

    Deputy First Minister's speech about the progress of Scottish education reform.

  34. Guidance

    21 Jun 2018

    Developing a positive whole school ethos and culture: relationships, learning and behaviour

    Policy guidance in response to the Behaviour in Scottish schools research, published December 2017.

  35. NEWS

    19 Jun 2018 09:43

    Poverty gap closing

    Attainment improving, education spend increasing.

  36. Consultation paper

    12 Jun 2018

    Together we can, together we will: consultation

    Consultation by National Consultation of Rual Advisers (NCRA) to help inform recommendations for Scottish Government on future policy direction for the rural economy.

  37. NEWS

    04 Jun 2018 11:30

    Healthier school food

    Less sugar, more fruit and veg on the menu.

  38. Consultation paper

    04 Jun 2018

    Nutritional requirements for food and drink in schools: consultation

    Proposed amendments to the Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools (Scotland) Regulations 2008.

  39. Report

    04 Jun 2018

    Food and drink in schools: nutrition requirements review

    Independent review by the Technical Working Group of nutrition requirements regulations.

  40. NEWS

    27 May 2018 00:01

    Improved anti-bullying measures

    Incidents to be recorded.

  41. NEWS

    26 May 2018 00:01

    More than £4 million for educational psychologists

    Funding expected to support up to 30 new trainees annually.

  42. NEWS

    25 May 2018 13:41

    New national school clothing grant

    Thousands to benefit from minimum £100 grant.

  43. NEWS

    22 May 2018 09:30

    £50 million to close attainment gap

    Hundreds of schools to benefit.

  44. NEWS

    10 May 2018 09:30

    Personalised online careers support for all pupils

    Recommendations of Learner Journey Review published.

  45. NEWS

    01 May 2018 09:30

    Education Maintenance Allowances 2016-17

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  46. NEWS

    27 Apr 2018 16:39

    International Council of Education Advisers

    Effective collaboration key to close attainment gap.

  47. NEWS

    24 Apr 2018 15:06

    Treas Sgoil Ghàidhlig ann an Glaschu

    Leas Phrìomh Mhinistear air £1.9 millean de mhaoineachadh ainmeachadh dhan phròiseact.

  48. NEWS

    07 Mar 2018 09:45

    Supporting new STEM teachers

    Training bursaries available from April.

  49. Research finding

    06 Mar 2018

    Young people's participation in decision making in Scotland: attitudes and perceptions - research findings

    Findings from a survey of secondary school pupils on perception of their ability to influence decisions that affect them.

  50. Research finding

    06 Mar 2018

    Young people's participation in out of school activities: research findings

    Findings from an online survey of young people aged 8 to 26.

  51. Research publication

    06 Mar 2018

    Young people's participation in decision making in Scotland: attitudes and perceptions

    Findings from a survey of secondary school pupils on perception of their ability to influence decisions that affect them.

  52. NEWS

    27 Feb 2018 09:53

    Investing in education

    Second consecutive increase in local authority spend.

  53. NEWS

    27 Feb 2018 09:30

    Initial Destinations of Senior Phase School Leavers

    An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  54. NEWS

    20 Feb 2018 10:00

    £3 million for language learning

    School funding to strengthen skills.

  55. NEWS

    19 Feb 2018 10:30

    Raising attainment

    First Minister sees work of £120m school fund.

  56. Advice and guidance

    08 Feb 2018

    Pupil Equity Funding (PEF): national operational guidance 2018

    Guidance to help schools plan how to effectively spend their PEF allocation.

  57. NEWS

    30 Jan 2018 00:01

    Pupil Equity Funding

    More than 2,300 schools to receive over £120 million next year.

  58. Transparency data

    30 Jan 2018

    Pupil Equity Funding: school allocations 2018 to 2019

    Funding allocated directly to schools and targeted at closing the poverty related attainment gap.

  59. Consultation responses

    18 Dec 2017

    Education (Scotland) Act 1980 Section 70 guidance document: analysis of consultation responses

    Analysis report following the public consultation on guidance for users of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980.

  60. NEWS

    12 Dec 2017 10:03

    Teacher numbers increase

    DFM: Scottish Government investment improving education.

  61. minutes

    04 Dec 2017

    Teacher Panel meeting: minutes June 2017

    Minutes from the fifth meeting of the Teacher Panel.

  62. Consultation paper

    28 Aug 2017

    Education (Scotland) Act 1980 section 70 guidance: consultation

    Consultation on guidance regarding procedures for making complaints against Ministers under section 70 of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980.

  63. Transparency data

    03 Aug 2017

    Pupil Equity Funding: school allocations 2017 to 2018

    Funding allocated directly to schools to help close the poverty related attainment gap.

  64. minutes

    07 Jul 2017

    Teacher Panel meeting: minutes March 2017

    Minutes from fourth Teacher Panel meeting.

  65. Factsheet

    23 May 2017

    National improvement framework: drivers of improvement

    Information on evidence that we will gather to measure school improvement.

  66. Factsheet

    24 Apr 2017

    Pupil Equity Funding: information for parents and carers

    Funding to help schools support children who might be falling behind or not getting the same chances in education.

  67. Advice and guidance

    03 Apr 2017

    Pupil Equity Funding: national operational guidance 2017

    Guidance to help schools plan how they will most effectively invest their Pupil Equity Funding allocation.

  68. Factsheet

    30 Mar 2017

    Pupil Equity Funding: how it will work

    Information about the Pupil Equity Funding and how it can be used.

  69. Publication

    13 Dec 2016

    National Improvement Framework for Scottish Education - 2016 Evidence Report

    An overview of what we know about Scottish education and the context in which our children and young people learn.

  70. Publication

    13 Dec 2016

    2017 National Improvement Framework and Improvement Plan

    This plan brings together improvement activity from both the Delivery Plan and the Curriculum for Excellence Implementation Plan.

  71. Report

    28 Jun 2016

    Delivering Excellence and Equity in Scottish Education: A Delivery Plan for Scotland

    This delivery plan clearly sets out how the Scottish Government will work with partners to deliver excellence and equity for every child in education in Scotland.

  72. Publication

    18 Jan 2016

    Ready to Act - A transformational plan for Children and young people, their parents, carers and families who require support from allied health professionals (AHPs)

    The Plan meets the evolving needs of Children and Young People in providing an equitable and sustainable model that reflects the early years agenda and the integration of health and social care services

  73. Form

    18 Apr 2013

    Education section 70 form: make a complaint

    Complain to Scottish Ministers about failings in the education system.

  74. Publication

    22 Sep 2009

    Building better schools: investing in Scotland's future

    The school estate strategy is relevant to all parts of the learning environment: the buildings and spaces, the grounds, the fixtures, facilities and furniture.

  75. Guidance

    12 Dec 2007

    included, engaged and involved- part 1: attendance in scottish schools

    Guidance on the management of attendance and absence in Scottish schools.