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Education (Scotland) Bill: draft

Published: 26 Jun 2018

A draft Bill containing provisions designed to empower schools, improve collaboration, enhance parental involvement and ensure pupil participation.

26 Jun 2018
Education (Scotland) Bill: draft

The Education (Scotland) Bill supports the Scottish Government's mission to improve the education and life chances of children and young people by closing the unacceptable gap in attainment between the least and most disadvantaged children, and to raise attainment for all. It will:

Empower headteachers to be leaders of learning and teaching in their schools and work collaboratively with the education authority and their staff, pupils, parents and other partners so that the decisions that most affect a pupil's experience are taken by those closest to them;

Enhance the educational improvement support and advice that is available to educational practitioners;

Encourage greater parental involvement in education and parental engagement with children's learning; and

Ensure that effective pupil participation is supported in all public schools.

Draft BRIA

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Draft EQIA

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Draft Explanatory Notes

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Draft Financial Memorandum

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Draft Policy Memorandum

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Draft Education (Scotland) Bill

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Draft Fairer Scotland Duty

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Draft Privacy Impact Assessment

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