Growing Up in Scotland: changes in language ability over the primary school years

This report investigates the improvement of language ability during the primary school years and identifies factors which appear to help and hinder improvement over this period.

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First and foremost, the authors would like to thank all the families who have given up their time to take part in the study and have supported it continuously sweep by sweep.

The Growing Up in Scotland study is very much a collaborative venture. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our colleagues in NatCen's operations and computing departments and to our team of interviewers and supervisors for conducting the interviews with such dedication and professionalism.

Responsibility for the opinions expressed in this report, and for all interpretation of the data, lies solely with the authors.


Line Knudsen1, Eilidh Currie1, Paul Bradshaw1, James Law2, Rachael Wood3

1 ScotCen Social Research
2 Department of Speech and Language, University of Newcastle
3 Information Services Division Scotland and University of Edinburgh



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