Children missing from education

Children missing from education are children and young people of compulsory school age who are not on a school roll and not being educated otherwise (at home, privately or in an alternative provision).

An enrolled child or young person have usually not attended school for a period of time (up to four weeks, but substantially less for a child with welfare concerns).

The most important factor for any missing child is safety. Should there be any concern that the child may be at risk, it is essential that local child protection procedures are followed.

Children Missing from Education (Scotland) service

Due to the sensitive nature of children missing from education and data protection, the role of the Children Missing from Education (Scotland) is to solely act as a conduit between local authorities and SEEMiS for national pupils searches in Scotland when absolutely necessary.

We have published further guidance for local authorities on the Children Missing From Education (Scotland) service.

We have also published further information on managing attendance in schools.

For any further advice or queries in relation to the Children Missing from Education (Scotland) service, please contact

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