Pupil Equity Funding

£250 million direct to schools between 2020 and 2022.

Funding of more than £250 million to close the poverty-related attainment gap and aid learning during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been allocated to schools.

For the first time, Pupil Equity Fund allocations have been confirmed for two years to provide more certainty for head teachers responding to the impact of school closures.

Pupil Equity Funding is allocated directly to schools and is aimed at helping moves to level attainment.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said:

“Closing the poverty-related attainment gap is the defining mission of this government - and that commitment will remain when we gradually exit lockdown.

“Local authorities and teachers have shown extraordinary dedication and professionalism to support young people and ensure learning is disrupted as little as possible, using flexibility to redirect PEF and wider Attainment Scotland Funding resources and support to our most disadvantaged families.

“There are countless examples of this, such as providing tablets to support digital learning at home and transport to enable learners to attend hubs and supporting home-school link workers to maintain regular contact with children.

“Schools know their learners best and, in providing Pupil Equity Funding for two years, we are giving head teachers clarity to assist them in their planning and decision making, in the short and longer term.”


The Scottish Government has committed to Pupil Equity Funding as part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge programme since 2017/18. The Pupil Equity Funding forms part of the £750m Attainment Scotland Fund which will be invested over the current Parliamentary term.

More than £250 million Pupil Equity Funding is being allocated over the next two years to over 95% of schools across every local authority in Scotland.

Pupil Equity Funding: school allocations 2020 to 2021.

Pupil Equity Funding: school allocations 2021 to 2022.


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