Coronavirus in Scotland

Covid rules and restrictions

There are no covid rules or restrictions in Scotland.

There are things you can do to  stay well and protect others, like:

  • staying at home if you have symptoms
  • wearing a face covering
  • washing your hands regularly
  • meeting in well-ventilated spaces
  • supporting Distance Aware, for anyone who prefers others to take extra care around them

What to do if you have symptoms

If you have symptoms of covid, a cold or flu try to stay at home and avoid contact with others. If you do have to go out, wear a face covering.

Get advice about covid symptoms and staying at home (previously self-isolating) from the NHS.


Most people can no longer get free covid tests. You can still access tests if you are:

Covid cases in Scotland

Covid data is on Public Health Scotland's COVID-19 dashboard.


Get information about covid vaccines and boosters and how to get proof of vaccination from the NHS.  

People at higher risk

The Highest Risk List – previously known as the Shielding List - has ended. However, there are still people whose weakened immune system means they are at higher risk from infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

Read guidance for people with a weakened immune system.


Travelling to Scotland from abroad

There are no covid travel rules in place for people arriving in Scotland from abroad.

You do not need to:

  • complete a Passenger Locator Form
  • take any covid tests before you leave for Scotland, or after you arrive
  • isolate when you arrive

Travelling abroad from Scotland

If travelling abroad from Scotland check travel advice for the country you are going to.

If you need to prove which vaccinations you’ve had when you arrive in another country, you can normally use your NHS Scotland COVID Status app to do this. Find out how to access or update your covid status at the NHS Inform website.

Face coverings

We strongly recommend if you are 12 or over, that you wear a face covering in indoor public places and on public transport.


Find out what you can do to help reduce the spread of covid in your business or workplace.

Organisations and businesses may wish to use Stay Well Signage to let staff, customers, service users and visitors know what you are doing to help them stay well.

Long covid

Get information about long covid from the NHS.

Scotland’s covid recovery and threat levels

Read our covid recovery strategy.

Threat levels: we are not currently using Covid threat levels. We continue to monitor the situation and will use them again if necessary.

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