Respiratory infections including Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer workplaces and public settings

Guidance for businesses and workplaces (including transport operators) on reducing the risk of respiratory infections including COVID-19 and supporting staff and customers.

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Stay Well Signage

Stay Well Signage supports infection resilient spaces for all.

Stay Well Signage is a voluntary signage scheme to support your organisation/business to let staff, customers, service users and visitors know what you are doing to help them stay well. These measures support the infection resilience of all those using the space and wider Scottish society as a whole.

Access the Stay Well Signage website.

Signage to support businesses and organisations

The Signage scheme is for organisations or businesses in the public, private or third sector in Scotland that manage a building, venue, space or delivers a service, with staff, customers, service users and visitors.

There are no COVID-19 rules or restrictions in Scotland. At this stage of the pandemic we are now living with COVID-19 as a respiratory infection. Respiratory infections including COVID-19 can spread more in indoor spaces, so it’s important to continue doing the things that help keep us all well.

The Signage scheme allows you to display the protective measures in place in your space. It aims to support organisations and businesses to establish and embed long-term adaptations which will build infection resilient spaces around Scotland.

You can create, download and print tailored signs to display in your public spaces as posters and/or highlight on your website and social media channels to staff, customers, service users and visitors. We will provide you with a handy toolkit for online use.

How to take part

Your organisation or business can take part in the scheme in 3 easy steps:

  1. Risk assess your spaces
  2. Complete the self-assessment questionnaire to select protective measures
  3. Download, print and display signs in public spaces and/or online

Step 1. Risk assess your premises

To help keep us all well, we strongly recommend that organisations and businesses continue to risk assess their premises for respiratory infections including COVID-19 to identify the most suitable protective measures for your spaces. This includes measures like enhanced cleaning and maximising ventilation. By doing so, we can lessen the ongoing risk posed by respiratory infections. 

Find out more about carrying out a risk assessment.

Step 2. Complete the self-assessment questionnaire to select your protective measures

You will fill out a short self-assessment questionnaire, selecting the measures you commit to having in place in your organisation or business. This will be used to generate tailored digital signs for printing as posters or use online.

The Stay Well Signage consists of three posters. A covering poster displaying your organisation’s participation in the scheme, a poster containing a list of the specific measures you have committed to having in place through the self-assessment questionnaire, and a final poster using icons to display the measures you have in place.

You can access the self-assessment questionnaire at: Stay Well Signage. Example signage can also be found on the Stay Well Signage website.

Step 3: Download, print off and display signs in public space and/or online

You will be able to download the digital PDF posters directly from the website or from the registration email. You can then print the signs as posters and display these prominently in your buildings, venues and spaces, so that all your staff, customers, service users or visitors will be able to see them. We will provide you with a handy toolkit for promotion of your participation in the scheme on your website and social media channels.

A printing service is also available and is provided by the Scottish Government print contractor APS. Your organisation will not incur any costs from using the service. Further information on the printing service can be found at: Stay Well Signage (

If you already have safety signs in place in your spaces, please consider whether it is appropriate to replace these with new Stay Well signage or use both. Please ensure that any Stay Well Signage reflects the protective measures you have in place now. Please visit Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland and Respiratory infections including Coronavirus (COVID-19): staying well and protecting others for the latest advice on respiratory infections including Covid-19.

You should review the protective measures you have in place regularly. If you make any changes to these, you should complete a new self-assessment and download and print/request new signs as necessary.


The scheme is entirely voluntary and self-assessed.

How the scheme will be evaluated

The scheme was first launched as the COVID Sense Signage Pilot in May 2022 and ran until September 2022, when participants were asked to fill out an evaluation questionnaire. The pilot remained open to existing participants and organisations and businesses were still able to register and participate. The evaluation exercise informed development to make improvements and led to rebranding as the Stay Well Signage scheme.

We will continue to monitor the scheme and a full evaluation of the Signage scheme will commence in spring/summer 2023. This will help us understand the impact of the scheme and how we can make further improvements and consider longer term use. The scheme will remain open throughout the evaluation and has been renamed Stay Well Signage in the interim to support longevity as we move out of Winter.


If you have any queries in relation to your participation in the pilot, please contact:



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