Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer workplaces and public settings

Guidance for businesses and workplaces on reducing the risk of COVID-19 and supporting staff and customers.

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COVID Sense Signage Scheme Pilot 

If you are:

  • responsible for a building/venue or
  • you run a business or
  • are an organisation whether in the public private or third sector

you can let your customers, staff and visitors know about the things you are doing to make your building or venue COVID-19 safer by taking part in a voluntary pilot to display safety signs.

All COVID-19 rules and restrictions have been lifted in Scotland, but the virus has not gone away. Use 'Covid sense' to help protect yourself and others.

The COVID Sense Signage Pilot allows you to download signs to display in your venue or use on your website, showing that protective measures are in place.

It is open to all businesses, public and voluntary organisations.

How to take part

These are the steps that your organisation or business should follow to take part in the Pilot and to download the signs for display at your premises:

Step 1. Risk assess your premises

While all the COVID-19 requirements that were in law at a national level have been lifted in Scotland, the virus has not gone away.

We strongly recommend that businesses and organisations continue to risk assess their premises for COVID-19, to identify the most suitable protective measures for your building or venue. This includes measures like maximising ventilation and enhanced cleaning.  By doing so, we can lessen the ongoing risk posed by COVID-19 and help mitigate the impacts of more familiar diseases such as seasonal flu and other viruses.

Find out more about carrying out a COVID-19 risk assessment.

Step 2.  Complete the self-assessment questionnaire

You will need to fill out a self-assessment questionnaire, selecting the measures you have in place in your business or organisation. This will be used to generate a sign/poster tailored to your premises.

You can access the self-assessment questionnaire at: COVID Sense Signage Pilot

Step 3: Print off and display signs

You should display the sign(s) prominently in your building where everyone can access it.

If you already have signs in place you can decide whether to replace these with the new signs or to use both.

You can also receive a version of the sign for use on your website or social media channels by contacting

You should review the measures you have in place regularly. If you make any changes to these, you should complete a new self-assessment and download/print off new signs if needed.


The pilot is entirely voluntary and self-assessed. However, we will be engaging with local authority officers and regulators to ensure there is a good understanding of the pilot.

How the pilot will be evaluated

The pilot will run until the end of August 2022. After this, we will ask you to fill out an evaluation questionnaire.

We will also provide a template form that you can place in your building, website or social media channels to gather feedback from visitors, customers and staff.

This will help us understand how we might improve the signage and also understand if the pilots should be extended or a longer term scheme considered.


The pilot was one of the actions identified in our COVID-19 Strategic Framework update of February 2022. The Scottish Government committed to work with partners to develop a pilot that encourages those who manage buildings and settings, in the private and public sector, to display by way of signage the protective measures they have in place.

It aims to help businesses and organisations to:

  • consider which protective measures are suitable for them and their buildings/venues;
  • help reassure staff, customers and visitors that steps are being taken to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 and other viruses;
  • raise awareness of and support behaviours that are considerate of those who may feel more anxious about adapting to living with COVID-19, including people with underlying health conditions and those at higher risk from COVID; and
  • gather feedback and evidence from pilot organisations, to understand how we might improve signage and also understand if the pilots should be extended or a longer term signage approach considered.


If you have any queries in relation to your participation in the pilot, please contact:





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