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Coronavirus (COVID-19): general guidance for safer workplaces

Guidance on safer working during the coronavirus pandemic for businesses and organisations not covered by sectoral guidance, for example general offices.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): general guidance for safer workplaces
Related information

Related information

Scottish Government advice and support

Summary of COVID-19 developments in Scotland

Coronavirus (COVID-19): framework for decision making

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scotland’s route map

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Returning to work safely

Coronavirus (COVID-19): business and physical distancing guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance for homeworking

Joint fair work statement

Advice on substantive support packages available for business and their employees

Guidance on childcare

COVID-19 information and guidance for general (non-healthcare) settings

A list of Scottish Procurement Policy Notes (SPPNs) can be found on

SPPN 4/2020 covers procurement related issues as a consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

SPPN 5/2020 sets out guidance for public bodies on options for payment to their suppliers to ensure service continuity during the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Local advice and measures

Advice and guidance relating to local outbreaks or clusters of coronavirus cases.

NHS Inform

Please refer to relevant sections of the NHS Inform website, in particular the advice on physical distancing, shielding, Test and Protect, and symptoms. Each of these sections notes the date last updated, so please take particular note of whether some of the above guidance has been updated since your draft guidance was produced to ensure this guidance remains aligned.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): General advice

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Check your symptoms

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Physical distancing

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Shielding

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Test & Protect

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Contact tracing

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Testing

Coronavirus (COVID-19): households with possible infection

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Communications toolkit

The following UK-level guidance may also prove useful:

Staying safe outside your home
UK guidance: COVID-19: cleaning in non-healthcare settings

UK Government guidance on working safely during COVID-19 in different workplaces, including working in other people's homes


Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 

Other sources of COVID-19 information

The Health and Safety Executive has provided advice related to COVID-19

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Further detailed guidance on security

To contact Police Scotland for Protective Security advice, please contact your local Counter Terrorism Security Adviser:




Scottish Chambers of Commerce workplace guidance for micro and small businesses

Local advice and measures

Advice and guidance relating to local outbreaks or clusters of coronavirus cases.



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