1. Keeping the Promise

    Minister responds to major report on redesigning the children’s hearings system.

  2. Vaping - understanding prevalence and trends among adults and children: research

    Analysis of data on vaping from twelve surveys conducted at UK or regional level, with a focus on current use, ever tried, dual use and differences by socio-economic status.

  3. Victims, Witnesses, and Justice Reform (Scotland) Bill: child rights and wellbeing impact assessment (CRWIA)

    This impact assessment considers how the Victims, Witnesses, and Justice Reform (Scotland) Bill will affect children’s rights and wellbeing. It records the research, analysis and engagement that has taken place in respect of this and how this has informed the development of the Bill.

  4. Fair Work Action Plan 2022 and Anti-Racist Employment Strategy 2022: data protection impact assessment

    Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) of the Fair Work Action Plan 2022 and Anti-Racist Employment Strategy 2022.

  5. Fair Work Action Plan 2022 and Anti-Racist Employment Strategy 2022: Fairer Scotland duty assessment

    Fairer Scotland Duty Assessment (FSDA) of the Fair Work Action Plan 2022 and Anti-Racist Employment Strategy 2022.

  6. Fair Work Action Plan 2022 and Anti-Racist Employment Strategy 2022: child rights and wellbeing impact assessment

    Child rights and wellbeing impact assessment (CRWIA) of the Fair Work Action Plan 2022 and Anti-Racist Employment Strategy 2022.

  7. Fair Work Action Plan 2022 and Anti-Racist Employment Strategy 2022: island communities impact assessment

    Island Communities Impact Assessment (ICIA) of the Fair Work Action Plan 2022 and Anti-Racist Employment Strategy 2022.

  8. Qualifications and Assessment Review: consultation analysis

    This is an independent report by The Lines Between. It was commissioned by Scottish Government on behalf of Professor Louise Hayward as part of the independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment. The report contains an analysis of the responses received to the Phase Two public consultation.

  9. Scotland's Year of Stories 2022: equality impact assessment

    Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022 showcased Scotland’s strongest culture, tourism and events assets and other key aspects of society by creating a collaborative platform for partners to work together and maximise benefits. The report highlights evidence, opportunities and actions to boost equality.

  10. Experiencing Life Events and Childhood Subjective Wellbeing: A Longitudinal Analysis of Growing Up in Scotland

    Growing Up in Scotland (GUS) is a longitudinal study following the lives of young people. This report presents analysis of several data sweeps of Birth Cohort 1 (BC1) and looks at the impact of some key life events on measures of subjective wellbeing.

  11. Minimum Income Guarantee Expert Group: interim report - easy read

    Easy read version of an interim report outlines the group’s work so far and provides a summary of possible steps towards a Minimum Income Guarantee.

  12. Minimum Income Guarantee Expert Group: interim report

    This interim report provides an outline of the group’s work to date towards defining a Minimum Income Guarantee, the context in which the policy is being developed, provide a high-level overview of direction and early thinking towards potential actions.

  13. Historical adoption practices: A formal apology

    Heartbreak of mothers who were forced to give up babies.

  14. Prescribing the minimum annual number of learning hours: consultation

    This consultation sets out Ministers’ proposal to set in law the minimum number of learning hours provided in public and grant aided schools, and invites views on this proposal and its implementation.

  15. Children and young people's voices matter: progress report - March 2023

    Report on progress made on the actions agreed at the sixth annual meeting of Cabinet members and children and young people on 1 March 2022.

  16. Pregnancy and parenthood while you are in school or education: leaflet

    Every pregnant young women, young parent-to-be, and young parent should be supported to stay in education. This leaflet provides basic information to young people about how their school or college will support them to make decisions about their education during pregnancy or parenthood.

  17. Safeguarders - revised practice standards: equality impact assessment (EQIA)

    Equality impact assessment (EQIA) for the implementation of revised practice standards for safeguarders published February 2023 by Children 1st.

  18. Safeguarders - revised practice standards: children's rights and wellbeing impact assessment (CRWIA)

    Children's rights and wellbeing impact assessment (CRWIA) for the implementation of revised practice standards for safeguarders published February 2023 by Children 1st.

  19. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME-CFS): good practice statement

    Guidance to support the diagnosis and management of ME/CFS in primary care. This was originally published in 2010 and we have partially updated it to insert key recommendations from the NICE Guideline on ME/CFS published in October 2021.

  20. Supporting roots: report

    Report providing a broad picture of the needs of birth parents who have lost a child or children to ‘care’, and of the support and services that are currently available in Scotland. This report is designed to support best practice and service innovation.

  21. Home education guidance: consultation analysis

    Summary and analysis of the responses received to the home education guidance consultation.

  22. Violence against women and girls funding review: analysis of responses

    Analysis of the responses to the Strategic Review of Funding and Commissioning of Violence Against Women and Girls Services call for evidence.

  23. Restricting alcohol advertising and promotion: consultation

    This consultation seeks views on potential restrictions to alcohol advertising and promotion in Scotland.

  24. Helping families stay together

    Keeping the Promise.

  25. Keeping families together

    Reducing the number of children in care.

  26. Driving change in the ‘care system’

    Launch of The Promise Partnership Fund.

  27. Can Scotland be Brave – Incorporating UNCRC Article 12 in practice

    This project investigated how well practitioners, understood and implemented the full obligations of Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (‘UNCRC’).

  28. Improving additional support for learning

    Action plan published following independent review.

  29. Children’s hearings

    Views sought on extending the age range of young people referred.

  30. Coronavirus (COVID-19): supporting vulnerable children and young people – data intelligence report

    This report provides a commentary about the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on vulnerable children and families in Scotland in the initial weeks of the ‘lockdown’, and on the way that services are adapting and responding to the crisis

  31. 600 adoption matches made

    Milestone reached as adoption support website launched.

  32. Care experienced young people have their voices heard

    First Minister has met 1,000 young people with experience of care.

  33. Youth justice standards: consultation

    We are seeking your views on Youth Justice Standards that would provide a framework for the audit of services which support children involved in offending behaviour.

  34. Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) update: October 2019

    Update to stakeholders about the development of GIRFEC policy.

  35. GIRFEC: open letter to managers, headteachers and practitioners in children’s services

    Update from senior leaders responsible for standards and practice in health, social work, social care and education.

  36. Children and Young People (Information Sharing) Bill

    Information sharing proposals dropped and named person provisions repealed.

  37. Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) Practice Development Panel: final report

    Final report from the GIRFEC Practice Development Panel, including recommendations on information sharing in support of the named person and child’s plan aspects.

  38. Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) Practice Development Panel final report: our response

    Scottish Government response to the GIRFEC Practice Development Panel's recommendations.

  39. Getting it right for every child: ministerial statement

    Deputy First Minister John Swinney updates the Parliament on Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) Practice Development Panel's final report.

  40. Exam results help is at hand

    Careers advisers standing by to provide dedicated support.

  41. Children and Young People's Mental Health Task Force: recommendations

    Recommendations from Children and Young People’s Mental Health Task Force to Scottish Government and COSLA.

  42. Commitment to sustainable learning

    Educating pupils on being responsible citizens of the world.

  43. £50 million to improve attainment

    88% of headteachers see progress in closing the gaps in attainment and wellbeing.

  44. Recommendations for Standardised Assessments

    Report by P1 teachers highlights areas for improvement. 

  45. New look Baby Box ready for Mother’s Day

    Uptake jumps to 96% as 80,000 deliveries made to parents.

  46. Better outcomes for children who need additional support

    New tools for teachers and councils to assist learners.

  47. Children's services planning: provision of statutory guidance - consultation

    We wish to consult whether the content, scope and format of the statutory guidance is still helpful and fit for purpose.

  48. Record high for school leavers in positive destinations

    Deprivation gap in positive destinations falls by half.

  49. Upgraded PlayTalkRead roadshow fleet

    Roadshow visitors increase 31% in the last year.

  50. Protecting children and young people: Child Protection Committee and Chief Officer responsibilities

    Guidance outlining Child Protection Committee and Chief Officer responsibilities for protecting children and young people.

  51. Primary 1 Assessments

    Independent review team call for views.

  52. A meal for every child at funded early learning and childcare sessions

    Major new Scottish Government scheme delivers healthy food, outdoor play & living wage in childcare.

  53. Primary teacher numbers highest since 1980

    447 more teachers in 2018.

  54. Schools in Scotland and CfE Achievement

    National and Official (Experimental - Data under development) Statistics Publications for Scotland.

  55. LGBTI education

    Scotland will lead the way in inclusive education.

  56. Fallback removed from National 5 courses

    Candidates will no longer automatically receive National 4 level.

  57. Standardised assessments demonstration

    MSPs invited to see assessments first-hand.

  58. Improving standardised assessments

    Deputy First Minister announces improvements for pupils and teachers for this school year.

  59. More support for parents

    New engagement plan to improve links between home and school.

  60. Strengthening Scottish education

    First formal report from International Council of Education Advisers.

  61. A vision for national wellbeing

    New National Performance Framework launched.

  62. More than £4 million for educational psychologists

    Funding expected to support up to 30 new trainees annually.

  63. New national school clothing grant

    Thousands to benefit from minimum £100 grant.

  64. Almost a billion pounds to fully fund childcare

    Funding package agreed in partnership with COSLA.

  65. Children and Young People (Information Sharing) (Scotland) Bill: FOI release

    Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

  66. Christmas Maths Challenge

    DFM launches festive puzzles.

  67. Teacher numbers increase

    DFM: Scottish Government investment improving education.

  68. Named person panel

    Independent advice on information sharing.

  69. New Chief Inspector of Education

    DFM confirms appointment.

  70. Scottish Education Council

    New body to take forward reform.

  71. Presumption of mainstreaming

    Consultation on guidance for mainstreaming in education launched.

  72. Improving attainment in early years

    High quality childcare improves children’s development.

  73. New visitor centre at Glenochil Prison

    Formal opening for visitor centre.

  74. Supporting children and families

    New legislation to clarify information sharing provisions.

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