Can Scotland be Brave – Incorporating UNCRC Article 12 in practice

This project investigated how well practitioners, understood and implemented the full obligations of Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (‘UNCRC’).

Foreword by Laura Lundy

"I am delighted to see the publication of this important report which demonstrates how Talking Mats enables rights-based participation for children. As my own approach ('the Lundy model') suggests, we need to actively create safe spaces where children can form and express their views freely. Talking Mats has always seemed to me to epitomise rights-respecting practice in communicating with children and it is wonderful to know that this report will be made widely available to all. I commend it to all those who are seeking to ensure that children are enabled to understand the issues, form views and have those views taken seriously on the matters that are impacting on their lives".

Laura Lundy, Professor of International Children's Rights, School of Education, Queen's University, Belfast



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