Information sharing

Families must have confidence about how and when any information sharing takes place to support a child or young person’s wellbeing.

Organisations must handle, store, process and share personal information in line with existing laws and guidance. These include data protection, confidentiality and human rights.

People working with children, young people and their families must work in partnership with them when considering and sharing information necessary to promote, support or safeguard a child or young person's wellbeing.

In most circumstances, the child or young person and parents will know what information is being shared, with whom and for what purpose, and their views will be taken into account. This may not happen in exceptional cases, such as where there is a concern for a child’s safety.

The GIRFEC Practice Development Panel published its final report in September 2019, including recommendations on information sharing in support of the named person and child’s plan aspects. We responded including making a commitment to develop a suite of products to support and promote good, proportionate and appropriate information sharing practice.

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