Information sharing

The GIRFEC information sharing guidance is intended for practitioners and service leads in services who work with children, young people and families. The guidance promotes lawful, fair and proportionate information sharing, which complies with all relevant legal requirements.  

The guidance aims to clarify the circumstances in which information can be shared with another agency, the considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure sharing information with another agency is appropriate, and the importance of involving children, young people and families in the decision to share information with another agency.  

It seeks to reassure leaders, managers and practitioners about how GIRFEC should be delivered within the current legislative and policy framework of rights, information sharing, and delivery of supports and services to children, young people and their families. 

The GIRFEC information sharing charters explain how children, young people and families can expect organisations to manage their personal information and respect their rights under the data protection legislation.

There are two versions of the charter, one for children and young people and one for parents and carers. The charters can be tailored for the needs of individual services and are available in accessible formats. It is good practice for services that work with children, young people and families to make the charter available. 

Further information can be found in: Getting it right for every child: information sharing


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