Named person

Many parents say that when they need help, it's not available and they do not know who to go to. The named person ensures that there is someone who is responsible for helping them get the support they need if and when they need it.

A named person will be a clear point of contact if a child, young person or their parents want information or advice, or if they want to talk about any worries and seek support.

Children and young people from birth to 18, or beyond if still in school, and their parents will have access to a named person to help them get the support they need.

The named person – a clear point of contact

This contact will be someone whose existing role already involves providing advice and support to families. As each child grows up, their contact will change, with support usually provided by a:

  • health visitor from birth to school age
  • head teacher or deputy during primary school years
  • head teacher, deputy or guidance teacher during secondary school years

The family may be offered direct support from their named person or access to relevant services offered by the NHS, local authorities and third sector or community groups.  

Children, young people or their families can expect their contact to respond to their wellbeing needs, to respect their rights, choice, privacy and diversity. Children should be included in decisions that affect them. There is no obligation on children and families to accept the offer of advice or support from a named person.

You can view further named person material on the GIRFEC website prior to 2018 on the archive.



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