Scotland's Year of Stories 2022: equality impact assessment

Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022 showcased Scotland’s strongest culture, tourism and events assets and other key aspects of society by creating a collaborative platform for partners to work together and maximise benefits. The report highlights evidence, opportunities and actions to boost equality.

Equality Impact Assessment: Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022

Title of policy

Scotland's Year of Stories 2022

Summary of aims and desired outcomes of policy

Scotland's Year of Stories 2022 will sustain and build upon the momentum of the preceding Themed Years to spotlight, celebrate and promote the wealth of stories inspired by, written, or created in Scotland. From icons of literature to local tales, the Year will encourage locals and visitors to experience a diversity of voices, take part in events and explore the places, people and cultures connected to all forms of our stories, past and present. It will contribute to recovery from the pandemic and inspire new stories of Scotland to be shared.

Author of the Equality Impact Assessment

The Equality Impact Assessment for Scotland's Year of Stories is a partnership document led by the Scottish Government with support from VisitScotland.

Date of publication

April 2023



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