Outdoor play funding

Thousands of children to benefit.

Around 14,000 children living in deprived areas will have access to more outdoor play opportunities in their local communities, thanks to over half a million in funding from the Scottish Government.

More than 30 charities providing local outdoor play initiatives for children will receive a share of £550,000 to expand their projects.

The Outdoor Community Play Fund will support children and families through the year, including during the school holidays.

Children’s Minister Natalie Don announced the funding during a visit to Renfrew YMCA - one of the 32 charities to receive funding.

Ms Don said:

“Outdoor play has an incredibly positive impact on our children’s mental health, wellbeing and confidence. It can teach them how to solve problems, assess risks, boost their physical activity and provide opportunities to meet and interact with others.

“However, options for children to play safely outdoors can be limited, especially for children in deprived areas. At a time when families are struggling with the cost of living crisis, it is even more essential that we provide this vital support to ensure there are outdoor play options available, free of charge, for families across Scotland.

“I am looking forward to seeing how this fund will help grow outdoor community play projects and I am proud that this Scottish Government investment will benefit thousands of children living in our most deprived communities.”

Inspiring Scotland Director of Funds Julia Abel said: 

“All children have the right to play – not only is it vital for their mental health and wellbeing, but is also supports children to learn social and emotional skills while boosting their physical activity.

“We want to make outdoor play accessible for all children in Scotland. Last year, the programme expanded to include more sessions for children and families with additional support needs.

“The beauty of outdoor community play is that it’s child-led, enabling children to use their creativity and imagination to develop their own ways to have fun, overcome barriers, while teaching life-enhancing skills that will make positive effects all the way into adulthood.”


The Scottish Government provided £550,000 to charities through the Outdoor Community Play Fund in 2022-23.

Charities receiving a share of the fund in 2023-24:


  • 3D Drumchapel - £11,641.35
  • Jeely Piece Club - £15,488.55
  • Kingsway Community Connections – £9,591.75
  • PEEK Possibilities For Each and Every Kid - £15,582.00
  • Royston Youth Action - £15,545.25
  • Concrete Garden - £13,602.75
  • The Urban Roots Initiative - £15,153.60


  • Belville Community Garden Trust- £15,580.81


  • Bridgend Farmhouse - £15,540.00
  • Canongate Youth - £9,452.10
  • North Edinburgh Arts - £14,504.70
  • Smart Play Network - £14,374.50
  • YMCA Edinburgh SCIO - £13,778.10
  • Scotland Yard Adventure Centre - £5,783.21
  • The Venchie Children and Young People's Project - £15,424.50

North Ayrshire

  • Children 1st - £15,582.00

South Ayrshire

  • Children 1st - £15,088.50


  • Earthtime For All Ltd - £5,082.00

East Lothian

  • East Lothian Play Association SCIO - £31,846.50

West Lothian

  • Family and Community Development West Lothian - £9,044.70

North Lanarkshire

  • Getting Better Together Ltd - £10,353.00
  • MADE4U IN ML2 - £15,541.81
  • Parent Action for Safe Play - £15,286.95

Dumfries and Galloway

  • Include Us - £15,474.87


  • Kirkcaldy YMCA - £15,400.35
  • The Ecology Centre - £9,711.45

South Lanarkshire

  • OutLET Play Resource - £13,695.41
  • Project 31 SCIO - £15,267.00


  • Play Scotland - £15,090.60
  • Scotland Yard Adventure Centre - £18,900.00


  • Renfrew YMCA SCIO - £15,369.90
  • Include Me 2 Club SCIO - £18,900.00


  • Under The Trees - £31,662.12


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