1. Carbon Neutral Islands: project progress report

    We announced the commitment to support at least three islands to become fully carbon neutral by 2040 in the Programme for Government 2021-2022. This was raised further at COP 26 and the project now aims to support six islands become carbon neutral.

  2. Delivering a fair and secure zero carbon energy system

    Strategy to deliver a just transition for the energy sector published.

  3. Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan

    We are consulting on this draft route map of actions we will take to deliver a flourishing net zero energy system that supplies affordable, resilient and clean energy to Scotland’s workers, households, communities and businesses.

  4. Clean energy transition to be accelerated

    Energy strategy to shape next 25 years of energy production.

  5. Supporting a renewables revolution

    Commitment to develop onshore wind generation confirmed.

  6. Onshore wind: policy statement 2022

    Sets out our ambition to deploy 20GW of onshore wind by 2030, as well as details on the formation of an onshore wind strategic leadership group, who will develop an onshore wind sector deal.

  7. Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme: Q1 2022

    This document provides information on the capital projects which have received funding through the Scottish Government's Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme.

  8. Scotland to push energy, nature and justice at COP27

    Energy security relies on shifting from fossil fuels, says Environment Minister.

  9. Building a green heat industry

    £17.6 million to support climate-friendly heating transformation.

  10. Accelerating green heat delivery

    Next steps taken to help transformation.

  11. Emerging Energy Technologies Fund - Hydrogen Innovation Scheme: form and guidance

    Expression of interest form and guidance for the Hydrogen Innovation Scheme (HIS) to support innovative renewable hydrogen production, storage and distribution solutions as well as the development of test and demonstration facilities in Scotland.

  12. Supporting a green energy revolution

    Just Transition Fund awards announced.

  13. Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme: capital projects - list

    A full list of capital projects supported under the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP).

  14. Agri sector leads the way in sustainability with audit demand

    Specialist advice available for farming sector.

  15. Scotland at Hannover Messe Expo

    Energy businesses lead the way at global event.

  16. Investing in net zero energy

    £10 million to accelerate hydrogen technology.

  17. Supporting Scotland’s Just Transition

    Just Transition Fund to open on 31 May.

  18. £5 million to develop carbon dioxide utilisation technology

    CO2 Utilisation Challenge Fund launched.

  19. Slashing carbon emissions across Scotland

    £8.7 million for green infrastructure projects.

  20. Offshore wind development

    First Minister hails “truly historic” opportunity of ScotWind.

  21. Scottish Cluster support

    Investment in carbon capture project announced.

  22. £50 million for warmer, greener homes

    Support available to help people save on heating bills this winter.

  23. Blue Carbon International Policy Challenge

    International collaborations to support our seas and oceans.

  24. Making Scotland a leading hydrogen producer

    Over £100 million to advance cleaner energy.

  25. Ramping up renewables generation

    Plans to increase onshore wind capacity published ahead of COP26.

  26. Creating resilient and sustainable islands

    Funding allocated to local island projects.

  27. Fast-tracking net zero infrastructure

    Green growth pathfinder projects announced.

  28. Making our homes cleaner and greener

    Scotland’s heat in buildings strategy published.

  29. New Ministers to be appointed

    Scottish Greens to enter government.

  30. Investing in net-zero technology

    £16.5 million to support energy transformation.

  31. Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP): call for evidence

    This Call for Evidence seeks input on actions to modify and enhance the range of support mechanisms currently provided by Scottish Government through the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP) for development and delivery of large-scale low and zero carbon heat in buildings projects.

  32. Local energy policy statement

    This local energy policy statement containing set of key principles and associated outcomes represents the values we wish to see adopted.

  33. Low carbon heating in domestic buildings - technical feasibility: technical appendix

    Technical appendix to accompany the technical feasibility of low carbon heating in domestic buildings report.

  34. Low carbon heating in domestic buildings - technical feasibility: report

    A report undertaken to assess the suitability of low carbon heating technologies in residential buildings in Scotland.

  35. Low carbon heating in domestic buildings - technical feasibility: cost appendix

    Cost appendix to accompany the technical feasibility of low carbon heating in domestic buildings report.

  36. Offshore wind to green hydrogen: opportunity assessment

    Initial assessment of Scotland’s opportunity to produce green hydrogen from offshore wind.

  37. Scottish hydrogen: assessment report

    Examines how applications of hydrogen-based technologies in transport, industry, heat and whole system approaches can best be deployed in Scotland.

  38. Deep decarbonisation pathways for Scottish industries: research report

    The following report is a research piece outlining the potential pathways for decarbonisation of Scottish Industries. Two main pathways are considered, hydrogen and electrification, with both resulting in similar costs and levels of carbon reduction.

  39. Scottish Government Hydrogen Policy Statement

    We set out our vision for Scotland to become a leading hydrogen nation in the production of reliable, competitive, sustainable hydrogen, securing Scotland’s future as a centre of international excellence as we establish the innovation, skills and and supply chain to underpin our energy transition.

  40. BiFab Working Group

    Statement from the Scottish and UK Governments.

  41. Hydro Nation: annual report 2020

    Records the development of Scotland's Hydro Nation policy agenda and reports on progress since the publication of the sixth annual report in 2019.

  42. Renewable heat target and action: 2020 update

    An update on the progress toward meeting the target of 11% of non-electrical heat demand from renewable sources by 2020.

  43. Increased offshore wind ambition by 2030

    Supporting Scotland’s green recovery. 

  44. Sectoral marine plan: appropriate assessment

    Assessment of the implications of the sectoral marine plan for offshore wind energy for designated special areas of conservation special protection areas, candidate special areas of conservation and proposed special protection areas in view of the sites' conservation objectives.

  45. Sectoral marine plan: regional locational guidance

    Sets out regional spatial baseline data for the sectoral marine plan for offshore wind energy and describes the information used in the planning and assessment process.

  46. Sectoral marine plan for offshore wind energy

    Aims to identify sustainable plan options for the future development of commercial-scale offshore wind energy in Scotland, including deep water wind technologies, and covers both Scottish inshore and offshore waters.

  47. Sectoral marine plan: post adoption statement

    Sets out the changes between the draft and final sectoral marine plan for offshore wind energy in accordance with Section 18(3) of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005 (“the 2005 Act”).

  48. Scotland’s green recovery

    Funding for a just transition to net-zero.

  49. Driving Scotland’s green recovery

    Low carbon investment fast-tracked to support COVID-19 recovery.

  50. £62 million fund for energy sector

    Support package to help deliver net zero future.

  51. Heat Networks Bill

    Helping Scotland move to affordable, low carbon heating.

  52. Scotland’s recycling summit

    Talks to accelerate action on waste.

  53. Climate change ambitions

    Consultations launched on offshore wind policy and new marine plan.

  54. More electric vehicle charging points

    Important step taken towards clean energy for transport. 

  55. £3.4m for tidal energy

    Funding for world’s most powerful tidal turbine.

  56. European funding for low carbon and active travel

    Third round of funding is now open for applications.

  57. Energy efficiency grants for social landlords

    Extra funding to make homes warmer and promote carbon reduction.

  58. £13.4m to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

    Funding to support low carbon projects.

  59. Renewable electricity at record levels

    Equivalent of 74.6% of gross electricity consumption was from renewable sources.

  60. Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund

    Up to £10 million to help commercial deployment of tidal projects.

  61. Tackling global climate change

    Shared ambitions by Scotland and New Jersey.   

  62. Funding for offshore wind

    £2 million grant to support offshore innovation.

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