The Environment Strategy for Scotland: Delivering the Environment Strategy Outcome on Scotland's Economy - Evidence Base & Policy Levers

This report presents evidence and initial recommendations on how the Scottish Government could use the available policy levers to support the transformations in Scotland’s economy needed to help tackle the climate and nature emergencies.


We would like to thank all members of the Economy Outcome Working Group and the participants of the joint Economy & Global Footprint Workshop on 11th July 2023, which contributed to this report.


This report has been developed for the sole use of the Scottish Government and funded by the Rural & Environment Science & Analytical Services Division through the Contract Research Fund Programme. The research within this report contains the views and judgement of the authors based on available data and evidence, and does not reflect the official opinion of the Scottish Government. Responsibility for the information and views expressed therein lies entirely with the primary authors. The information in this report was up to date as of 31st August 2023, except where indicated in the text.


This report has been developed by the New Economics Foundation for the sole use of the Scottish Government.

Lead author

  • Emmet Kiberd, Consultant

Section A

  • Paolo Yunda, Researcher
  • Chaitanya Kumar, Head of Environment and Just Transition (Project Director)
  • Emmet Kiberd, Consultant (Project Manager)

Sections B and C

  • Emmet Kiberd, Consultant (Project Manager)
  • Benedikt Straňák, Researcher
  • Martin Wood, Senior Researcher
  • David Pendlebury, Head of Local Economic Change (Quality Assurance)



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