Onshore wind sector deal

The onshore wind sector deal sets out commitments from the Scottish Government and the onshore wind industry to deliver upon our collective ambition of 20 GW of onshore wind in Scotland by 2030 whilst delivering maximum benefit to Scotland.


We are delighted to introduce this onshore wind sector deal which sets the ambition for the next phase of onshore wind delivery in Scotland. As we stand on the threshold of a pivotal era in the energy transition, this sector deal crystallises our dedication to work together to harness the proven potential of onshore wind to shape a cleaner, more prosperous future for the nation.

Scotland's rich wind resources, technical expertise and commitment to tackling climate change have paved the way for a journey toward a greener energy landscape. This deal encapsulates the collective vision to harness the power of the wind to drive economic growth, create high-quality jobs, reduce carbon emissions and ultimately benefit the communities of Scotland.

This document demonstrates many commitments across many stakeholders, with essential themes that should be recognised and celebrated. By fostering collaboration between the Scottish Government, industry and local communities, we can ensure that this endeavour is not just about harnessing the wind but also about nurturing sustainable growth. This is a moment of convergence, where sustainable development aligns with economic prosperity.

As we embrace the possibilities of this sector deal we acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead. Balancing the needs of energy production with environmental stewardship demands diligence and continuous innovation. This deal charts a course that safeguards our natural heritage while delivering clean, affordable energy to power our lives and industries.

Crucially, this deal emphasises inclusivity and equity ensuring that the benefits of our onshore wind revolution are shared by all.

In a period where the sector has continued to deliver low cost electricity but also seen increasing costs and reduced revenues, the sector is proudly committed to working even more closely with local communities, engaging them in decision-making processes and delivering tangible benefits that improve lives and livelihoods. Our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of innovation will maintain Scotland’s position at the forefront of the global renewable energy revolution, setting an example for the world to follow.

The Government is committed to working with developers and stakeholders, understanding the operational barriers to delivering onshore wind projects and setting out processes to help reduce them. We also commit to speeding up consenting decisions, working with planning authorities and statutory consultees to increase skills and resources, as well as streamlining approaches.

Jointly, we will work together on ensuring a balance is struck between onshore wind and the impacts on land use and the environment. We will collaborate to enable information to be collected and shared for monitoring and evidence purposes, and we jointly want to capitalise on the unique opportunity for Scotland to become a world leader in decommissioning, remanufacturing and recycling of onshore wind assets.

We want to thank everyone for the commitment they have made in negotiating this document. Although this is an agreement between the onshore wind industry and Government it was through collaboration and a willingness to engage from all parties that we have reached this historic agreement.

The sector deal is more than just a document; it is a testament to our determination, a celebration of our potential, and a promise to future generations. Let us work together to usher in an era where innovation, sustainability, and prosperity converge, as we power Scotland's greener future through the boundless energy of onshore wind.

Neil Gray MSP - Cabinet Secretary for Wellbeing Economy, Fair Work and Energy

Gillian Martin MSP - Minister for Energy and the Environment

Claire Mack - CEO, Scottish Renewables

Barry Carruthers - Chair of the G12/S5 Onshore Wind Sector Working Group


Email: OnshoreWindPolicy@gov.scot

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