Onshore Wind Strategic Leadership Group


The Onshore Wind Strategic Leadership Group (OWSLG) was established in February 2023 following the publication of the Onshore Wind Policy Statement (OWPS). The OWPS set an ambition of 20GW of installed onshore wind capacity operational by 2030, more than doubling Scotland’s current capacity of onshore wind.

We believe onshore wind has the potential to offer significant economic growth, skilled employment opportunities and biodiversity benefits, as well as contribute to our net zero ambitions. We want to work with industry and communities to enable this. To enable the delivery of this, the OWPS set out the need for a strategic partnership between industry, government and communities to deliver this ambition, whilst maximising the benefits to people in Scotland.

As a result, the OWSLG has now been formed and is tasked with bringing together existing workstreams, tackling barriers to the deployment of onshore wind and developing a Scottish Onshore Wind Sector Deal.

The OWSLG is chaired by the Cabinet Secretary for Wellbeing Economy, Fair Work and Energy and the CEO of Scottish Renewables. It meets initially monthly whilst developing the Sector Deal, and will then meet quarterly.

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  • Neil Gray MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Wellbeing Economy, Fair Work and Energy (co-chair)
  • Claire Mack, Scottish Renewables (co-chair)
  • Ragne Low, Deputy Director Onshore Electricity, Strategy and Consents (deputy co-chair)
  • Morag Watson (Sector Deal Lead), Scottish Renewables (deputy co-chair and Sector Deal lead)
  • Barry Carruthers (G12 Representative), Scottish Power Renewables
  • Sam Johnson (Technical Barriers Lead), Aviation Investment Fund Company Limited & Renewable Energy Systems Ltd
  • Robbie Kernahan (Land Use and Environmental Considerations Lead), NatureScot
  • Simon Gill (Legislative and Regulatory Barriers Lead), The Energy Landscape
  • Marcus Trinick KC (Planning Considerations Lead)
  • Chris Morris (Community Energy Lead), Local Energy Scotland
  • Paul Wheelhouse (Supply Chain, Skills and Circular Economy Lead), South of Scotland Enterprise


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