Heat in buildings - multiple ownership mixed use buildings: energy retrofit possibilities

Scotland has many buildings which have multiple owners and mixed uses. This report categorises those buildings further and identifies potential solutions to decarbonise their heat supply and improve energy efficiency, in line with the heat in buildings strategy.

2. List of figures

Figure 1: Illustration of how UPRNs, TOIDs and blocks interact in the home analytics database (left) and how they are defined on an actual building (right).

Figure 2: Total property numbers in MOMU archetypes. Shown here are dwellings (i.e. UPRNs) and buildings (i.e. TOIDs)

Figure 3: Distribution between urban and rural properties

Figure 4: Distribution of MOMU properties by property age.

Figure 5: Distribution of wall types for the MOMU dataset

Figure 6: Distribution of whether a MOMU property has insulated walls or not

Figure 7: Glazing levels for the MOMU dataset

Figure 8: Distribution of main heating fuel types in MOMU properties

Figure 9: SAP bands for the MOMU dataset

Figure 10: Percentage of MOMU properties within a conservation area

Figure 11: Percentage of MOMU properties that have listed status


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