Scottish hydrogen: assessment report

Examines how applications of hydrogen-based technologies in transport, industry, heat and whole system approaches can best be deployed in Scotland.

Acronyms, Tables and Figures

ADL Alexander Dennis Limited
AECC Aberdeen Exhibition Conference Centre
ATR Auto Thermal Reforming
Big HIT Building Innovative Green Hydrogen Island Territories
bn Billion
CapEx Capital Expenditure
CCC Committee on Climate Change
CCS Carbon Capture and Storage
CCUS Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage
E&P Exploration and Production
EIA Economic Impact Assessment
EMEC European Marine Energy Centre
EV Electric Vehicle
FCV Fuel Cell Vehicle 
FES Future Energy Scenarios
GDNO Gas Distribution Network Operator
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GVA Gross Value Added
GW Gigawatt
HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle
IP Core Intellectual Property
JIVE Joint Initiative for Hydrogen Vehicles across Europe
kg Kilogram
kW Kilowatt
kWh Kilowatt Hour
m Million
MW Megawatt
MWh Megawatt hour
O&G Oil and Gas
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OGA Oil and Gas Authority
OGTC Oil & Gas Technology Centre
OGUK Oil & Gas UK
OpEx Operational Expenditure
R&D Research and development
SGN Scotia Gas Networks
SME Small to Medium Enterprise
SMR Steam Methane Reforming
tn Tonne
TWh Terawatt hour
UKCS UK Continental Shelf

Tables and Figures


Table 01 Application of hydrogen

Table 02 Summary of international hydrogen strategies

Table 03 Factors influencing technology deployment in a net-zero energy system

Table 04 Scenario Variables Considered

Table 05 Description of each scenario in 2025

Table 06 Interim medium term development description of scenarios

Table 07 Heat map of economic activity in 2045

Table 08 Production activities

Table 09 Transmission and distribution activities

Table 10 Transport activities

Table 11 Domestic, commercial and industrial heating activities

Table 12 Further focus areas


Figure 01 Developing Scottish and UK policy context for hydrogen

Figure 02 Three phases of the hydrogen assessment

Figure 03 Selection of stakeholders consulted

Figure 04 Stakeholder engagement process

Figure 05 Example hydrogen energy system

Figure 06 Predicted hydrogen demand (TWh) in 2050

Figure 07 Examples of hydrogen projects globally

Figure 08 Examples of hydrogen projects in Europe

Figure 09 Hydrogen supply and demand balance of Germany

Figure 10 Hydrogen supply and demand balance of Australia

Figure 11 Scotland's competitive advantages

Figure 12 Hydrogen projects in Scotland

Figure 13 Hydrogen Coast overview (© of Pale Blue Dot)

Figure 14 Big HIT island schematic (© of BIG HIT)

Figure 15 Cost estimates of blue and green hydrogen production costs out to 2050

Figure 16 Impacts of electricity price on hydrogen production costs in 2035

Figure 17 Common hydrogen transportation methods

Figure 18 Common hydrogen storage options

Figure 19 Scotland's energy demand in 2017, excluding aviation or water transport

Figure 20 Scotland's carbon emissions in 2018

Figure 21 Location of Scotland's renewable resources

Figure 22 Assumed maximum green hydrogen production scale up

Figure 23 Assumed maximum blue hydrogen production scale up

Figure 24 Summary of Scotland's academic strengths and skills

Figure 25 Key funding and partnership opportunities across Scotland

Figure 26 Key funding and partnership opportunities across UK and Europe

Figure 27 Stakeholder responses to 'how hydrogen production is split between blue and green production methods

Figure 28 Stakeholder responses to 'extent of hydrogen's role for personal transport

Figure 29 Stakeholder views on hydrogen usage in domestic heating

Figure 30 Stakeholder responses to 'extent of hydrogen's role within industry (feedstock and heat)'

Figure 31 Stakeholder responses to 'potential for Scotland to become a net exporter'

Figure 32 Assessment of the relative competitiveness of hydrogen applications

Figure 33 Scenario A - Hydrogen Economy in 2045

Figure 34 Scenario B - Green Export in 2045

Figure 35 Scenario C - Focused Hydrogen in 2045

Figure 36 Hydrogen scenarios demand and supply 2025

Figure 37 Hydrogen scenarios demand and supply 2032

Figure 38 Hydrogen supply and demand 2045

Figure 39 Value creating factors for Scotland

Figure 40 Total Scottish GVA in each scenario (£bn)

Figure 41 Total number of Scottish jobs in each scenario

Figure 42 GVA (£bn) by broad economic activity in each scenario

Figure 43 Number of jobs by broad economic activity for each scenario

Figure 44 Location of hydrogen economic activity

Figure 45 Number of jobs in hydrogen production by ONS category

Figure 46 GVA (£m) by transport sector

Figure 47 Number of jobs by ONS category

Figure 48 Number of jobs in provision of domestic and commercial heat by ONS category



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