Hydrogen action plan

Actions that will be taken over the next five years to support the development of a hydrogen economy to further our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Scotland 's energy system while ensuring a just transition.

Hydrogen Production Definitions

Renewable Hydrogen (also referred to as Green Hydrogen)

Produced via electrolysis of water using renewable electricity and is zero carbon.

Low-carbon Hydrogen (also referred to as Blue Hydrogen)

Produced via reforming natural gas or biogas in conjunction with carbon capture with high capture rates and is very low-carbon.

Unabated Hydrogen (also referred to as Grey Hydrogen)

Produced via reforming natural gas. This process produces hydrogen and carbon dioxide that is emitted to the atmosphere.

Biomass Gasification with carbon capture and storage for the production of hydrogen

Less developed negative-emissions technology which could become part of the energy mix.


Email: hydrogeneconomy@gov.scot

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