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Scottish Government Hydrogen Policy Statement

We set out our vision for Scotland to become a leading hydrogen nation in the production of reliable, competitive, sustainable hydrogen, securing Scotland’s future as a centre of international excellence as we establish the innovation, skills and and supply chain to underpin our energy transition.

21 Dec 2020
Scottish Government Hydrogen Policy Statement

It is becoming increasingly clear that hydrogen will play a major role globally in the transition to net zero, and Scotland’s assets, natural, human and physical mean we can be a major player in this emerging global hydrogen market.
Combinations of demand reduction, energy efficiency and increasing uptake of electrification can take Scotland a good deal of the way towards our net zero future and the decarbonisation of our whole energy system. But reducing our demand for energy and electrification alone, are unlikely to be enough. We believe that producing clean hydrogen and showing that it can be used to meet challenging energy demands (e.g. for heat, transport and industry) will also be part of the next stage of the Scotland energy transition pathway. During 2020 we have carried out a hydrogen assessment and a range of other analysis to deepen the evidence base in order to inform our policies on hydrogen going forward. From our assessment, it is clear that hydrogen is not just an energy and emissions reduction opportunity; it could also have an important role in generating new economic opportunities in Scotland. The Hydrogen Policy Statement articulates high level Scottish Government policy positions that are supportive of hydrogen development and deployment in Scotland. It commits to making hydrogen a key element of Scotland’s decarbonisation plans, setting out the potential roles for hydrogen in our energy transition and the ambitions and strategic priorities of Scottish Ministers regarding the various applications of hydrogen in our energy system in light of our net zero commitments.
The Hydrogen Policy Statement will provide the framework for the development of a Hydrogen Action Plan in 2021 which will provide further details on the planned approach and necessary actions to implement the policy positions outlined in the Policy Statement. The Hydrogen Policy Statement is published with an accompanying suite of research:
o The Scottish Hydrogen Assessment Report o Scottish Offshore Wind to Green Hydrogen Opportunity Assessment o Deep Decarbonisation Pathways for Scottish Industries Study