Climate change - national adaptation plan 2024 to 2029: consultation - easy read

The impacts of climate change are already being felt by people in Scotland. That is why, as well as taking action to reduce emissions, we must also take steps to adapt to climate change. This is an easy-read version of the consultation on the Scottish National Adaptation Plan 2024 to 2029.


When the Government is going to make an important change, they have to ask people for their views first. This is called a consultation.

This consultation is about the Scottish Government’s Climate Adaptation Plan.

The climate is the weather we expect to have every year. Climate Change means we will have warmer temperatures, more heavy rain and drier summers.

Sea levels are also rising. This change in normal weather is damaging the environment and harming people.

We need to understand what people think about this issue. This will help us make a plan that will work. We want to ask questions about your experiences of climate change.

Our plan is broken into five Outcomes. Outcomes are the goals we want to reach with our plan. We want to hear your views on these Outcomes.



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