Bioenergy action plan

We believe bioenergy projects could contribute to our vision for the future of energy in Scotland by delivering emission reductions that will help to meet our climate change targets, and by providing a renewable source of energy that is low in cost and which will help tackle fuel poverty. 

The Scottish Energy Strategy includes a commitment to develop a Bioenergy Action Plan to set out a strategic pathway for developing bioenergy within the Scottish energy system.

Developing the action plan

as part of our preparation for the bioenergy action plan, we have commissioned research, published by ClimateXChange, to more fully understand the scope for bioenergy in Scotland. This research considers competing feedstock uses, and long term availability of supply. 

During the preparation stage, we will work closely with stakeholders, including the UK Government as it develops a bio-economy strategy as detailed in its Clean Growth Strategy.

The Bioenergy Action Plan will detail work performed, look at potential challenges, and provide the next steps required to achieve our ambitious 2050 vision for energy in Scotland.

Development of the Bioenergy Action Plan will be guided by the following principles: 

  • policies to support bioenergy will be consistent with the ambitions laid out in the energy strategy, climate change plan and land use strategy
  • bioenergy schemes should deliver greenhouse gas emission reductions
  • these schemes should represent good value for money, deliver benefits for communities, and help tackle fuel poverty
  • biomass should be produced and managed sustainably and should be only used in heat-only or combined heat and power schemes to support heat and local supply needs
  • this plan will ensure demands on land for food, energy crops and other non-food crops are managed equitably

Further information on biomass use in Scotland is available on the use wood fuel website