Illnesses and long-term conditions

  1. Cancer waiting times - effective breach analysis 2023: standard operating procedure

    Dynamic tracking of cancer pathways is core business in each NHS Health Board. Effective escalation is required to ensure all milestones of the cancer pathways are met. Where a breach occurs a detailed analysis is crucial to understand the challenges and to take action to avoid any future breach.

  2. Rare disease action plan

    Scotland’s first action plan for rare disease sets out the actions that we, our NHS, partners and stakeholders will take to improve the lives of people in living with a rare disease. The plan supports the shared priorities of the 2021 UK Rare Diseases Framework.

  3. Winter vaccines reminder for eligible groups.

    Hospitalisations for COVID-19 and flu increasing.

  4. Lung cancer services redesigned

    £3 million investment for accelerated treatment.

  5. World’s first online HIV prevention service

    Pilot clinic to be developed.

  6. Boost for long COVID support advice line

    Help for those with longer-term symptoms.

  7. Interim report shows value of Rapid Cancer Diagnostic Services

    Hundreds of patients receive earlier referral.

  8. Innovative health technology helping patients

    More than 5,000 procedures performed.

  9. Helping detect cancer earlier

    Rapid Diagnostic Services to be established in a further two areas.

  10. Innovative cancer programme extended

    Patients report quicker and easier treatment.

  11. Improving cancer waiting times

    £10 million allocated to speed up cancer services.

  12. Modernising breast screening services

    Review of breast screening programme published.

  13. £3 million awarded to long COVID projects

    Targeted support based on views of patients and clinicians. 

  14. Scotland's Global Affairs Framework

    The Global Affairs Framework sets out the values and principles underpinning the Scottish Government’s international work and the basis on which the Scottish Government will prioritise its international activity.

  15. New ‘stay at home’ guidance published

    Changes from 1 May.

  16. End of the Highest Risk List

    List to close on 31 May.

  17. Cancer workforce: clinical leadership guidance

    Information for cancer service colleagues across NHS Scotland on opportunities for developing clinical leadership skills. The guidance highlights tools to help identify leadership development needs and how to progress these at all career stages.

  18. £1 million to support people with neurological conditions

    Migraine Trust among projects benefiting from investment.

  19. Neurological care and support: framework for action 2020-2025

    The framework sets out a vision for driving improvement in the care and support for those with neurological conditions in Scotland.

  20. Help for people living with dementia

    Extra £1 million will help people shape the services they need.

  21. Distance Aware

    Voluntary scheme to encourage people to give space.

  22. Vaccinations for youngsters with specific medical conditions

    Invitations being sent from this week.

  23. Helping those living with chronic pain

    Additional funding for pain management care.

  24. Funding for Precision Medicine research

    Four projects to look at improving the targeting of serious illness treatments.

  25. Autumn/Winter vaccination milestone

    One and half million third doses and boosters delivered.

  26. Online portal for Autumn/Winter vaccination programme

    Advance booking facility for booster and flu jabs.

  27. Hospitals roll out three-in-one winter virus tests

    £5 million investment to help ease patient congestion.

  28. Roll-out of new diabetes test

    World-leading test to improve diagnosis.

  29. Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scotland's Long Covid service

    This paper sets out the key elements that underpin our approach to care and support for people with long Covid.

  30. Records check for women excluded from cervical screening programme

    Women’s Health Minister Maree Todd updates Parliament on remedying screening system issues.

  31. Long COVID Support Fund

    £10 million for NHS Boards.

  32. School flu vaccinations get underway

    Free vaccine extended to secondary school pupils

  33. NHS Recovery Plan

    More than £1 billion to improve care and tackle backlog.

  34. Prehabilitation for cancer patients

    £270,000 pilot scheme gives pre-treatment support.

  35. Improving cancer waiting times

    £10 million investment in cancer care.

  36. Self-registration portal for all over 18s

    Every adult can sign up for a vaccine.

  37. Transvaginal Mesh Removal (Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill: business and regulatory impact assessment

    A business and regulatory impact assessment for the introduction of the Transvaginal Mesh Removal (Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill.

  38. Transvaginal Mesh Removal (Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill: equality impact assessment

    The results of an equality impact assessment for the introduction of the Transvaginal Mesh Removal (Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill.

  39. Transvaginal Mesh Removal (Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill: fairer Scotland duty assessment

    Fairer Scotland Duty - Assessment Not Required Declaration for the Transvaginal Mesh Removal (Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill.

  40. Surgical robots for NHS Scotland

    £20 million for advanced technology to treat cancer.

  41. New lung cancer detection campaign

    Get potential symptoms checked early by your GP.

  42. Support for people with neurological conditions

    Over £700,000 allocated to projects around the country.

  43. Supporting women injured by mesh

    Proposal to refund private removal costs.

  44. New variant of COVID-19 detected in Scotland

    Health protection teams tracking cases.

  45. Diabetes care - Diabetes improvement plan: commitments - 2021 to 2026

    Our Diabetes improvement plan refresh reflects the current challenges facing people living with diabetes. It also strengthens the actions set in our original plan to improve the prevention, treatment and care for all people in Scotland affected by diabetes.

  46. Diabetes care - progress against national priorities: commitments - 2021 to 2026

    This report outlines the significant progress that has been achieved against each of the eight priorities set in our first Diabetes Improvement Plan, which was published in 2014.

  47. Blood plasma supply changes

    Safe use of plasma for life-saving treatment.

  48. Next stage for vaccine programme

    Priority group 6 receive appointments.

  49. Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine national roll-out

    Doses to be administered at over 1,000 GP practices and community centres.

  50. Vaccines reach 113,459 people

    Roll-out continues across Scotland.

  51. Roll-out of Astrazeneca vaccine gets underway

    GPs in Dundee start administering first doses to over-80s.  

  52. Approval for new COVID-19 vaccine

    Green light for Oxford AstraZeneca.

  53. Cancer services - action plan: equalities impact assessment

    Equalities Impact Assessment (EQIA) evaluates how the Cancer Recovery Plan (Recovery and Redesign: An Action Plan for Cancer Services) will affect individuals once implemented, with a focus on those in direct contact with cancer services.

  54. Cancer services - action plan: business and regulatory impact assessment

    Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA) considering the likely costs, benefits and risks of the Cancer Recovery Plan (Recovery and Redesign: An Action Plan for Cancer Services).

  55. Cancer services - action plan: Fairer Scotland duty summary

    The Fairer Scotland Duty assessment looked at the development of the Cancer Recovery Plan (Recovery and Redesign: An Action Plan for Cancer Services) and how more can be done in order to reduce inequalities among cancer services. The duty focussed on socio-economic inequalities, such as low income, low wealth, and area deprivation.

  56. Blood donor criteria updated

    Fairer risk assessment to be implemented.

  57. Opening of specialist eye facility

    First of Scotland's National Elective Centres.

  58. Investment for cancer services.

    New Action Plan for the recovery and redesign of cancer care.

  59. Recovery and redesign: cancer services - action plan

    In response to the pandemic, we have adapted to new circumstances in which cancer services continue to operate. The plan details actions that will both redesign cancer services to benefit patients, and increase our services’ overall resilience to future rises in COVID-19 prevalence.

  60. Eliminating HIV transmission by 2030

    Plan announced to mark World Aids Day.

  61. Second phase of flu vaccine

    Adults over 60 invited for vaccine.

  62. Better outcomes for stroke patients

    Patients receiving thrombectomy procedures this year.

  63. Respiratory care action plan draft: consultation report

    The analysis of the consultation responses for the draft Respiratory Care Action Plan for Scotland, which sets out our vision for driving improvement in the diagnosis, treatment and care for those living with respiratory conditions.

  64. Preparing the NHS for winter during a pandemic

    Additional £37 million to support health and care services. 

  65. Clinical and scientific review of testing

    Testing capacity on track to reach 65,000.

  66. Bowel Screening Programme to resume

    Home testing kits to be posted.

  67. Support for people with neurological conditions

    Almost £500,000 allocated to projects around the country.

  68. Plan to remobilise and re-design cancer care

    Experience of patients at core of new recovery plan.

  69. COVID-19 rehabilitation and recovery

    Support for services helping those affected.

  70. More people to get free flu jab

    Vaccine programme expanded to protect those most at risk during COVID-19 pandemic.

  71. Treating cystic fibrosis

    Additional therapy available to NHS.

  72. Shielding to be paused

    Updated guidance for those shielding.

  73. Breast Cancer Screening to resume

    Patients will receive letters to reschedule appointments.

  74. Next steps for people shielding

    Pause on shielding to be considered.

  75. Resuming cervical screening

    Patients whose appointments were cancelled can now contact GP practice.

  76. Test and Protect rolled out nationally

    Everyone with symptoms urged to book a test.

  77. Expansion of COVID-19 testing

    Everyone over the age of five with symptoms eligible to be tested.

  78. Contact tracing technology piloted

    Three NHS health boards to pilot software.

  79. Deliveries of essential supplies

    Support for people shielding during COVID-19.

  80. Support for autistic people

    Funding boost for specialist organisations to deal with coronavirus pressures.

  81. Testing expansion

    Target reached as capacity increases.

  82. Extending PPE access to all social care providers

    Supplies to be given to unpaid and family carers and personal assistants.

  83. Urgent medical help still available

    New campaign urges people to contact a doctor.

  84. Looking beyond lockdown

    First Minister opens discussion on “new normal”.

  85. Deliveries for high risk groups

    Local services to supply groceries and medicines to those most at risk.

  86. Construction underway at NHS Louisa Jordan

    Over 500 staff working on site.

  87. Anaesthetic machines boost ventilator capacity

    More than 200 machines adapted to aid coronavirus response.

  88. Support for GP practices

    Extra help with coronavirus pressures.

  89. Free hospital TV for patients

    Charges covered for three months.

  90. Protection for health and social care staff

    Improved distribution system for vital equipment.

  91. COVID-19 testing to get key workers back to work

    Household members with symptoms to be tested.

  92. Shielding people ‘at risk’ from coronavirus

    Tailored support to protect those at highest risk.

  93. Emergency coronavirus powers

    UK Coronavirus Bill supported by MSPs.

  94. New NHS 24 arrangements for coronavirus

    Patients with concerns about symptoms advised to dial 111 if they need help.

  95. Social care at heart of response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Scottish Government to meet increased costs.

  96. Enhanced role for community pharmacists

    Pharmacists empowered to help more patients during COVID-19 outbreak.

  97. NHS Scotland placed on emergency footing

    Non-urgent elective care to be postponed.

  98. Death of a second patient with coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Two patients with coronavirus have now died in Scotland.

  99. People advised to limit social contact

    Those most at risk strongly advised to reduce unnecessary contact.

  100. COVID-19 testing update

    Public should only contact GP or NHS 111 if symptoms worsen.

  101. COVID-19 helpline for Scottish businesses

    Action to support the economy.

  102. First Minister announces large events to be cancelled

    Action required to protect the resilience of critical emergency services during Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

  103. People with symptoms told to stay at home

    Those with mild symptoms of COVID-19 to take appropriate steps.

  104. Joint working needed on funding for coronavirus response

    Finance Secretary responds to UK Budget.

  105. COVID-19: First case of community transmission in Scotland

  106. Workplace advice contained in new coronavirus guidance

    Tips highlight how staff can prevent spread of infection.

  107. Three new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Public have vital role to play in helping contain any outbreak.

  108. Public encouraged to stay informed on coronavirus

    First Minister visits NHS 24 contact centre.

  109. Two new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Public have vital role to play in helping contain any outbreak.

  110. Action Plan on coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Resilience and response arrangements.

  111. Coronavirus (COVID-19) – update following resilience meetings

    Update on position in Scotland following first positive case.

  112. Coronavirus (COVID-19) confirmed in Scotland

    First positive case in Scotland.

  113. Preparations for COVID-19

    Scotland stands ready for potential outbreak.

  114. New measures to prevent coronavirus spread

    Sample of patients with flu to be tested.

  115. Testing arrangements expanded for coronavirus

    ‘Drive through’ testing introduced for NHS Lothian.

  116. Coronavirus guidance issued for education providers

    Specific advice for students and staff.

  117. Preparations for coronavirus stepped up

    Scotland prepared for coronavirus outbreak.

  118. Coronavirus travel advice updated

    New guidance for travellers returning from overseas.

  119. Coronavirus becomes notifiable disease in Scotland

    Public Health regulations updated.

  120. Coronavirus testing

    Scottish facilities deliver quicker results.

  121. Coronavirus preparation praised

    CMO thanks NHS staff.

  122. Novel coronavirus testing

    Two Scottish facilities established.

  123. Novel coronavirus update

    Joint statement from the Chief Medical Officers of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  124. Health inequalities statistics released

    An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  125. Wuhan novel coronavirus update

    Two patients test negative.

  126. More people giving CPR

    Report highlights strategy’s progress.

  127. Draft respiratory care action plan: consultation

    We are seeking your views on the draft Respiratory Care Action Plan for Scotland and the commitments it sets out.

  128. Improving support for neurological conditions

    Investment of £4.5 million to improve care.

  129. Neurological care and support: consultation report

    Summary of the key themes from our public consultation on a draft national action plan for neurological conditions.

  130. Update on flu programme

    Efforts to minimise any delays to children’s flu vaccination.

  131. Health Secretary welcomes cystic fibrosis drug pricing agreement

    Scottish Government discussions secure medicines for NHS Scotland.

  132. Tayside breast cancer treatment review

    Scottish Government will accept all recommendations.

  133. Tayside Breast Cancer Independent Advisory Group: final report

    The report on how best to implement changes to breast cancer management in NHS Tayside.

  134. £18 million funding for cancer support workers

    New partnership to help cancer patients. 

  135. Eliminating hepatitis C

    Effective elimination of hepatitis C by 2024.

  136. Review of Breast Screening Programme announced

    Public Health Minister informs Scottish Parliament.

  137. Better treatment for prostate cancer

    More accurate scans for advanced patients.

  138. Home blood pressure monitoring

    Investment in new technology.

  139. Cancer care in Scotland rated highly

    Results of second national patient survey.

  140. Raising awareness of sepsis

    New campaign focuses on spotting the early signs.

  141. Improving Scotland’s diet

    Consultation launched on restricting junk food promotions.

  142. Detect Cancer Early

    Campaign to reduce fear of cancer underway.

  143. Increase in awareness of sepsis

    World Sepsis Day: Spotting the signs

  144. More Scots confident about giving CPR

    '500 Miles' film success.

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