Update on flu programme

Efforts to minimise any delays to children’s flu vaccination.

Work is underway to minimise any potential disruption to the childhood flu immunisation caused by a delivery delay in some batches of a nasal spray flu vaccine.

The vaccines are due to arrive next month and the potential delay is due to issues relating to routine testing of Fluenz TetraTM by the manufacturer and is not related to the safety or the efficacy of the vaccine.

The vaccine is procured by Public Health England and then transported to all areas of the UK.

Scotland’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Gregor Smith said:

“The Scottish Government is aware there is likely to be a delay in the supply of a proportion of the Fluenz Tetra children’s vaccine which is procured by Public Health England on behalf of all of the UK.

“We have been exploring how to best use the available stock based on evidence and clinical advice, and I have written to Health Protection Scotland and NHS Board Coordinators asking them to prioritise children with eligible health conditions and the two to five-year-old programme, similar to other parts of the UK.

“The school vaccination programme is currently continuing as normal. However, should there be the expected disruption to supply, it could lead to vaccinations in some primary schools being rescheduled.

“NHS Board areas are currently working to do that based on the projections we are receiving on the revised delivery schedule. Whilst this is unfortunate, it is completely outwith our control and we would continue to urge eligible people to be vaccinated as we know this is the best way to protect against the flu.

“This does not impact the adult flu programme.”


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