New dementia strategy for Scotland: summary

This summary of our New Dementia Strategy for Scotland (a 10-year vision for change) sets out the difference we want to make, prioritising how we improve delivery and impact, with a focus on enhancing community supports.

Everyone's Story 

  • 90,000 people in Scotland live with dementia. Of those, over 3,000 are under the age of 65 and some estimates suggest that 1 in 3 people born today will go on to develop dementia.
  • Dementia is now recognised as a global health priority that affects everyone, as individuals, family members and citizens of our communities. We therefore view this strategy as 'everyone's story'.
  • Building on our world leading policy commitments, this strategy sets out a long-term vision for change to meet the needs of people living with dementia and their care partners/unpaid carers.
  • This summary sets out the difference we want to make. This includes:
    • Recognising dementia as a condition of the brain that affects the whole person, while upscaling efforts to address its mental health and wellbeing impacts
    • Ensuring services and supports are dementia-inclusive and create environments which enable people with dementia to live their best possible life
    • Deliver equity of access to information, treatment, care and support for people living with dementia
    • Uphold a person's human rights throughout their dementia journey
    • Ensure people are supported by a skilled, knowledgeable and trauma-informed workforce.
  • We will work to deliver these and our other ambitions through a series of 2-year delivery plans, the first of which will be developed by the end of 2023.



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