1. Transparency data

    07 May 2019

    Sheep scab notifications

    Notifications of suspected or confirmed cases of sheep scab in Scotland mapped by region.

  2. Advice and guidance

    11 Feb 2019

    Bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD)

    Advice on what to do if you suspect there is an outbreak of this infectious disease and details of the screening programme.

  3. Factsheet

    09 Jan 2019

    Animal slaughter

    Information about the various regulations that govern animal slaughter.

  4. Advice and guidance

    27 Nov 2018

    Bird gatherings licence: November 2018

    Bird gatherings are currently permitted in Scotland under the general licence. The organiser of the gathering is responsible for ensuring that the conditions of the general licence are complied with, including strict biosecurity requirements.

  5. Advice and guidance

    29 Oct 2018

    Bovine TB

    Advice on what to do if you suspect there is an outbreak of this infectious disease.

  6. Advice and guidance

    15 Oct 2018

    Dog training aids: guidance

    Guidance on training methods and training aids for dogs, with particular focus on the welfare issues that may arise from the use of aversive methods including e-collars.

  7. Advice and guidance

    05 Nov 2014

    Biosecurity practices for animal health: guidance

    Biosecurity is a set of management practices that collectively reduce the potential for the introduction or spread of animal disease-causing organisms onto and between farms.

  8. Advice and guidance

    18 Oct 2006

    Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006: guidance

    The Government has prepared notes to aid understanding by providing general guidance on the content of the Act and where appropriate, to give additional notes on its general and specific provisions. They do not form part of the Act and have not been endorsed by Parliament.