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Movement of livestock and horses

Livestock identification and traceability

To try to prevent the spread of animal diseases there are strict rules controlling the movements of livestock and horses.

We produce guidance which explains how we identify animals and how they are tracked when they are moved. Read more at: Livestock identification and traceability: guidance

Regulations are laid down in European and EU law which place responsibilities on livestock keepers for identification and tracing.  In order to trade post EU exit it is essential that those regulatory requirements continue to be met. Maintaining healthy livestock in Scotland is key to supporting consumer confidence and essential for the industry to be successful.   

Animal imports and exports

We control imports and exports of animals and animal products for Scotland.

Animal trading (purebreeds)

There are rules for the trade in breeding animals and their germinal products, and for their entry into the European Union, including rules for the issuing of zootechnical certificates. We process applications for official recognition as a breed society. Read more: Animal breeding (zootechnical) standards