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Sheep scab notifications

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Published: 7 May 2019

Notifications of suspected or confirmed cases of sheep scab in Scotland mapped by region.

7 May 2019
Sheep scab notifications

Sheep scab is a contagious disease of sheep which can seriously affect both welfare and production if left untreated.

The Sheep Scab (Scotland) Order 2010 places a legal obligation on any person who has reason to believe that sheep in their possession or care have sheep scab, to notify their local Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) office as soon as possible.

Treatment to control and reduce the incidence of sheep scab is the responsibility of the individual sheep owner and all reported cases are mapped by APHA to provide the sheep industry with an overall picture of the location and distribution of sheep scab in Scotland.

Sheep scab notifications Q1 2021

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Sheep scab 2020 end year report

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Sheep scab 2019 end year report

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